Printer Does Not Appear on Network How to Set Up a Network Printer

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The installation and configuration settings may have been made incorrectly for the Windows 10 printer not visible on the network problem. Let's examine the factors that cause it in the article and how to connect to the network article.

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How to install a network printerAnd if the printer is not visible on the network, we will discuss the reasons together and the solution will be resolved with your answers to our questions. We will give an example from HP and explain the process with a visual explanation on Windows 10.

If the computer does not see the network printer;

  • PC and printer will be turned off and on
  • It can be turned off on the modem depending on the situation.
  • Check the cables
  • Search for the printer on the network on other computers
  • If the printer has software, check it by installing it on the computer.
  • Examine whether the IP configuration is correct and the network printer setup is correct.

How to Set Up a Network Printer?

In order to connect to the network printer on the computer network you are connected to, first the network printer you want to connect to must be open to sharing. So, how do you link to a shared network post? There are several different methods you need to follow to connect to this printer. The first thing you need to do is to check that the printer you want to connect to is turned on and the internet cable is plugged in.

  • Download the printer CD or installation file from the official site and install it on the host computer
  • Make Ethernet connections or printer wifi connection
  • Define the product from the installation software
  • Select and launch as full installation or basic
  • If there is an IP assignment in the software, configure it; otherwise, define an IP manually on the screen. This IP is shaped according to the brand of the modem. Example or 2.50…
  • Some printers have relevant settings on the display panel to connect to wifi. In some, WPS style may be encountered.
Printer does not appear on network How to set up a network printer
Printer does not appear on network How to set up a network printer
How to install a network printer?
How to install a network printer
windows network printer identification
Printer does not appear on network

Adding and Defining a Network Printer

Click Devices in the Settings section of your computer. You can access shared printer lists by using the Add Printer Browser option in the window that will open. Select the printer you want to connect to over the network from the list that will open and press OK. In order for this printer to be the current printer, you can open the Printer Properties and use the Assign as Current Printer option to start using the printer you selected over the network.

You can identify yourself through the computer to which the network printer you want to connect to over the network is connected. To do this, from the computer to which the printer is connected, go to Settings, Devices, Printers and Scanners. By opening the properties of the network printer connected to this computer (you can type Manage) and clicking on the printer properties option, a new window will open.

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Click on Security from the top menus on the new window. When you press the Security option, the Add button will appear. When the Add button is pressed, enter your computer username that you use on your own computer and press the Add button. Once your computer username is added under the list that says “Everyon” you can start using the network printer.

Windows 10 Network Printer Setup

How to add a network printer on computer:

  • Open the control panel
  • Enter devices printers
  • Add top printer
  • If the connection is made to the network correctly, you will see the printer brand and IP address in the relevant scanning options.
  • Changing the IP address can be done from the software or from the screen printer settings.
Windows 10 network printer setup
Windows 10 network printer setup
How to add a network printer to Windows 10
How to install a network printer

Printer Not Appearing on Network: Troubleshooting

Networking a printer in a home or business environment is a common way to share and print documents. However, from time to time you may encounter the problem that your printer is not visible on the network. In this article, you will find step-by-step information about the causes and solutions to this problem.

Step 1: Do Basic Checks

First, check your printer's basic connections. Follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  • Make sure the printer is powered on and online.
  • If an Ethernet cable is used, make sure the cable is connected correctly.
  • If using a wireless connection, make sure it is successfully connected to the wireless network.

Step 2: Check IP Address

Check the IP address assigned to your printer. To perform this step:

  1. Go to your printer control panel or print a network status page that shows the printer's network settings.
  2. Note the printer's IP address.
  3. Check if you get a response by pinging the printer's IP address from the Settings or Network Connections section on your computer.

If you cannot reach your printer, you can try changing the IP address of the printer or allowing it to obtain an automatic IP address.

Step 3: Update Printer Driver

If your printer driver is out of date, this may cause the problem. You can fix the problem by downloading and installing the latest driver from the printer manufacturer's official website.

Step 4: Enable Printer Sharing

If you are sharing your printer with another computer or if the printer is located on another device on a network, check the sharing settings. Make sure you enable the printer's sharing features.

Step 5: Check Network Firewall

A firewall or software security applications on your computer may prevent the printer from appearing on the network. Check your firewall and make sure the printer is not blocked.

Step 6: Perform a Network Scan

In some cases, computers may not automatically scan the network and find printers. You can perform a network scan to detect printers on your computer. Network scanning is usually included within the printer driver and can be found under the “Add New Printer” options.

Step 7: Restart the Printer

Sometimes restarting the printer can restore its visibility on the network. Turn your printer off, wait a few seconds and turn it on again.

Step 8: Check Network Infrastructure

Finally, check your network infrastructure. Make sure your modem or router is working properly. If there is any problem with wired or wireless connection,

Learning the printer's IP addressWe recommend you to look at our news.

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