Who Should Notify If the Security Code Has Changed Between You on WhatsApp?

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In this article, we will answer the question of who receives WhatsApp security code changed notifications or who receives security code changed notifications.

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Our article contains two types of response information. The first is the basic reason for this message, the second is a detailed explanation about its function.

The main reason why the message "The security code between you and ... has changed" appears in the WhatsApp group is that it means that the relevant person in the group has changed their phone or uninstalled and reinstalled WhatsApp. Briefly, this is how the security code changes. Apart from this, there is a possibility of account theft, session termination and comprehensive updates. In cases such as device incompatibility, this sometimes results in code changes.

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Who will receive WhatsApp security code changed notifications?

What does the security code between you and WhatsApp have changed?

This message you received contains important information about the security of your WhatsApp account. If you received a notification that your security code has changed, there is no need to worry. WhatsApp constantly takes various security measures to protect users' accounts, and one of these measures is changing security codes at regular intervals.

This change may have been made to increase the security of your account and to take precautions against potential security risks. Therefore, please take the necessary steps to ensure the security of your account and use secure means to access your account.

For the security of your WhatsApp account, we recommend that you pay attention to the following recommendations:

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  1. Use Strong Password:Use a strong and complex password to access your account. Your password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  2. Enable Two-Step Verification:Protect your account with an additional layer of security by activating the two-step verification feature offered by WhatsApp.
  3. Beware of Links from Unknown Sources:Avoid clicking links from unknown sources and be wary of any unusual emails or messages.
  4. Follow Security Notices:Pay attention to security notifications from WhatsApp and other platforms and take the necessary precautions quickly.
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The security code between you and WhatsApp has changed

Verifying Security Code in End-to-End Encrypted Chats

If you use end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp, which provides an extra layer of security for your private chats, you can use the captcha to verify the security of your chats. This code is a private key shared only between you and the person you are chatting with and allows you to confirm that your messages and calls are protected from unauthorized access.

When should you use a security code?

  • When starting an end-to-end encrypted chat with a new person for the first time.
  • If the person you are chatting with has changed their phone number or added a new device.
  • Anytime you want to be sure of the security of your chat.

How can you verify the security code?

1. Access the Contact Information Screen:

  • Open the chat.
  • Tap the person's name to open the contact information screen.

2. View Encryption Information:

  • Tap “Encryption” option.
  • You will see a QR code and a 60-digit number.

3. Compare Code:

  • If the person is with you:
    • One of you can scan the QR code on the other's phone.
    • Or you can visually compare the 60-digit number.
  • If the person is not with you:
    • Send the 60-digit number via SMS, email or any other platform.
    • Ask the person to compare the code they received with the 60-digit number in their “Encryption” section.

If the codes match:

  • You can be sure that your messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted.

If the codes do not match:

  • You may be scanning the wrong code.
  • Karşınızdaki kişi WhatsApp’ı yeniden yüklemiş, telefonunu değiştirmiş veya eşleştirilmiş cihaz eklemiş/kaldırmış işlemi yapmış.
  • In this case, you need to refresh the code and verify again by sending a new message.

Automatic Verification:

WhatsApp also provides automatic verification of codes through a process called key transparency. Tap the clock icon next to the alert to learn more about this process.

To see automatic verification status:

  • Open the chat.
  • Open the contact information screen.
  • Tap “Encryption” option.

Additional Information:

  • If you or your contact uses WhatsApp on multiple devices, you must verify the code on both devices.
  • For more information about changing security codes, you can read this article: URL article.


  • Never share your security code with anyone.
  • If the codes do not match, there is a possibility that the security of your chat is under threat.

The security code between you and your WhatsApp contact has changed. Our article is here.

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