There is Paper in the Printer But It Says There is No Paper (No Paper Error)

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If there is paper in the printer but it says there is none, first turn off the printer and check the paper. Remove the papers and insert about 10-15 sheets of paper. After the test, make a small check to see if there is any paper stuck in the text or if there is any problem in the relevant place when taking the paper.

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If your printer gives the "Out of paper" warning but there is paper, this can usually indicate a problem with the printer's internal memory. I have used the restart method several times on my HP printer to fix similar problems. So, first try a simple reboot by turning your printer off and on.

If this step does not solve the problem, there may be a problem with the paper. You may have loaded the paper incorrectly, which prevents the paper detection sensor from working properly. Check the paper tray and make sure the paper is loaded correctly. Also, review your printer settings and make sure the correct paper size and type are selected. Incorrect settings may also cause an “Out of paper” warning.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you may need to contact your printer's technical support.

Have You Set the Paper Type and Paper Size Correctly?

One of the main causes of the “out of paper” error is incorrectly set paper type and size. For example, if you placed A4 size plain papers in the paper tray, you need to set the paper type to “Plain” and change the paper size to “A4”. Otherwise, if you print without making the correct settings, you may encounter an “Out of paper” error.

To change the paper size and paper type, you can follow these steps:

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  1. Opening the Settings Menu:On your computer, go to Settings and then select the Bluetooth & Devices section. Find Printers and Scanners.
  2. Choosing Your Printer:Find your printer and open Printing Preferences by clicking on it.
  3. Setting the Paper Type and Size:In the window that opens, set the paper type and paper size correctly. For example, if your papers are plain, they should be selected as "Plain" and their size should be selected as "A4".
  4. Checking Settings on Printers with Display Panels:If your printer has a display panel, be sure to check the settings there as well.
There is paper in the printer but there is none 1
Printer out of paper error

Printing Using the Right Paper Tray

If your printer has more than one paper tray, it is important to make sure the correct tray is selected. For example, my Brother MFC-J2720 printer has three different paper trays; two general trays and one multi-purpose tray. By some mistake, I had accidentally loaded the paper into the multi-purpose tray (which was empty) instead of Tray 1. In this case, I was encountering the "Out of paper" error every time I tried to print.

To choose the correct paper tray, you can follow these steps:

  1. Selecting from Printing Preferences:From the Settings menu, go to Printers & Scanners. After selecting your printer, open Printing Preferences. There should be a Paper Source or similar option.
  2. Selecting from the Paper Source Menu:Open the Paper Source menu and specify which tray you want to print from. Make sure the correct tray is selected.

If your printer is equipped with a touch-enabled screen, you can also perform these steps via the touch screen. The touch screen usually has a “Paper Source” or similar menu. Make sure the correct tray is selected.

Don't Over-Stack Paper

Paper handling capacity is an important factor that determines the amount of paper a printer can handle at one time. Ignoring this capacity can cause problems such as the “Out of paper” error.

For example, my HP Ink Tank series printer can only handle 60 sheets of paper at a time. Exceeding or falling below this amount may cause you to receive frequent errors. To avoid exceeding paper-handling capacity, check your printer's user manual or specifications page to find out your printer's specified capacity.

My suggestion is to try printing by removing the existing papers and placing 10-20 papers in the tray. In this way, you can check whether the operation is carried out in accordance with the specified capacity of your printer.

There is paper in the printer but there is none 2
There is paper in the printer but there is no error

Fixing Paper Alignment Problems

Paper alignment issues can prevent your printer from detecting paper properly, resulting in an “Out of paper” error. Unwanted folds or curls on the front of the paper may cause this type of problem.

Please follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  1. Checking Papers:Remove the paper and check the front for any folds or curls. If there is moisture in the papers, this can also cause the problem, so it is important that you use a dry set of papers.
  2. Using a New Paper Set:If there is a problem with the papers, try again using a new set of papers.
  3. Loading Paper Correctly:Make sure you load the paper correctly. Insert paper into the tray properly using the paper guides. Improper use of the paper guide can cause paper alignment problems.

Troubleshooting the Paper Detection Sensor

Paper detection sensor problems can prevent your printer from detecting paper correctly, resulting in an “Out of paper” error. If hardware malfunction is suspected and the previous solutions did not work, you can follow the steps below to check and maintain the sensor:

  1. Turning Off the Printer and Removing Paper:Remove all paper from your printer, turn off the printer, and unplug it.
  2. Inspecting the Paper Tray Area:Inspect the paper tray area carefully. If there is any jammed debris or paper scraps, clear them. Don't forget to clean the paper rollers as well.
  3. Using Compressed Air:Blow the paper tray area using compressed air. This can help remove any foreign objects that may be blocking the sensor.
  4. Cleaning the Sensor:Locate the paper detection sensor. It usually resembles a plastic cover attached to one side of the paper tray. If you can locate it, make sure the sensor moves freely. Clean it gently with a cotton swab or lint-free cloth and check if this fixes the problem.
  5. Repositioning the Sensor (Optional):It is important that you do this step carefully. If the sensor becomes dislodged, you can try to reposition the sensor using tweezers or a suitable tool. However, you must be gentle when doing this, otherwise you may break the sensor.

These are the necessary steps to solve the problem that there is paper in the printer but there is none.

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