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When it comes to TikTok account closure with a complaint, our general answer is that in such transactions, the relevant network looks at the reason for the complaint, not the number of complaints, for sanctions. So, you need to understand that if there is a valid reason, the necessary sanction depends on it.

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You should know that your application to close an account through complaint may be meaningless without a justified reason. So, to report an account, you need to choose the reason for the complaint. The titles you choose must actually be available in the person's account. Let us tell you in advance that otherwise the notifications will be invalid.

You can see the necessary notification options by entering the username of the account you want to process and tapping on the dots above. In order to remove the actions and posts of the disturbing people, action must be taken on the post.

How to close TikTok with a complaint?

We cannot say for sure that sanctions will be applied. However, the walkthrough will need to be implemented as follows. Make sure you tick the appropriate options while doing the process.

  • Go to the profile of the account you are bothering with and tap the three dots.
  • A new field will appear and click on “Report”.
  • Then you will select the relevant options and take action.

Those who encounter disturbing posts should take advantage of the “Block” feature if they do not want to see the content or videos.

For complaint account deletion notifications, if there is a justified reason, making many complaints will only speed up the process. So let's point out that the content that says the account will be closed when this many people complain is wrong. Unreal complaints remain fruitless. If there is a possibility that the person has another crime, this will be taken into consideration and processed.

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When you enter the “Report a problem” option, you will see the problem report titles in English. From here, choose the one that is relevant to you and report it to TikTok.

When the above doesn't workTikTok customer serviceWe recommend that you examine this issue.

Tik Tok account closure with complaint
TikTok account closure with complaint

TikTok reporting option

You can also report with three dots. With the Block option, you can choose either "This is spam" or "This is inappropriate". “Inappropriate” is generally used to report those who share sexual videos or violent videos. "Spam" is generally used when it comes to imitation accounts, that is, fake account complaints, fraud, sending disturbing messages and disturbing posts.

Since the information in our content will change after the updates of the network, it would be better not to take any action without researching when additional suggestions appear.

How to close TikTok with a complaint?
Steps for you to report

You will now see that the text on the images will change over time. But the operation will always remain the same. As you can see, we used the images we added to understand the content.

Tik Tok don't complain
TikTok account closure notification with complaint

Problem: Notification option does not appear

We explain the problem of the relevant options not appearing depending on the user's status, mostly by the device used, the account's ban and regional situations. Therefore, the first checks should be directed towards these. When asking whether users encounter the same things, make sure that the people you ask are from different provinces, if possible.

In case of situations such as the above buttons not appearing, it should be tried with a different device, different version and account. This is how you understand why you are encountering these after trying them. In short, do not proceed with the transaction without checking it.

We have repeatedly witnessed temporary bans on the accounts of those who display suspicious behavior. Here one has to wait for the day to end. If a blockade is applied on an hourly basis, then it would be more logical to wait for the hour to expire.

Legal application for TikTok account closure with complaint

If you have made a notification to TikTok to close your account, but no action has been taken, get help from your family and friends. Multiple complaints will likely lead to rapid investigation. If this does not bring results, try legal methods. Force official channels by filing a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office.

Note: Before applying, submit your application with solid evidence. Present the evidence in a report with screenshots and content. However, compose your application in understandable language. Let every accusation and demand have a tangible aspect.

What to do when a negative return occurs

We have not seen much of this network returning applications. We see that a system such as automatic response is used. For this reason, we see that most users are looking for answers in the forums. We see that some of them share their account information with others.

We tried to show with pictures how to close a TikTok account with a complaint, and it will be more logical for you to make multiple complaints and go to the prosecutor's office at regular intervals for your special situations. Unrest between fiancés and spouses in marriages is very common in social accounts.

Applications made in illegal situations often result in non-prosecution. In short, you are keeping unnecessary courts busy.

Here are the steps to close your TikTok account with a complaint.

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