TikTok Best Video Editing Apps (6 Tools)

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We will introduce you to 6 important tools among TikTok's best video editing applications.

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We can say that TikTok has become a really popular application for short video sharing. TikTok, which has the feature of both recording videos and editing videos, has made it popular with many known or unknown people. In this content, I will give information about the best TikTok video editing applications.

Note: TikTok is the best video editing application. Most of the applications you come across when you search for iPhone are paid and offer limited usage opportunities for free. This does not apply to the Android side. It provides more comprehensive usage opportunities.

TikTok Best Video Editing Apps

  1. InShot video editing tool: InShot is one of the popular video editing tools for TikTok. This tool, which has an extremely simple structure and useful interface, takes its place on our recommendation list. Allows merging multiple videos, cutting and shifting videos. It also allows color correction to give a nice texture to effects and music.
  2. General information for FilmoraGo: FilmoraGo is one of the free applications used for TikTok video editing. This application, which has a simple interface, is a tool that allows you to cut videos, add multiple clips, add and filter music and sound effects, and also allows you to adjust color tones.
  3. VivaVideo: TikTok is on our list as one of the best video editing applications. However, the free version is not as effective as the paid version. This tool also has various features such as cutting, merging, shifting and adding music. Especially for those who want to benefit from this tool, having both free and paid versions will allow you to choose according to your needs.
  4. Adobe Premiere Rush comprehensive video tool: Adobe Premiere Rush is known as the video editing application developed especially for TikTok. There are two different versions: the free version allows you to cut, merge, add music and color correct your videos. In the paid version, you can edit higher quality videos and access more features.
  5. PowerDirector: It is an editing application designed specifically for mobile devices. Filters, effects, frames, music and output format can be customized according to needs. It has the function of easily merging and cutting multiple videos.
  6. Canva is an online graphic design tool and it is the best tool popular around the world. TikTok is a social media platform where short-term videos are shared. Canva's video editing features for TikTok provide great convenience for those who want to create and edit videos on the platform.

Canva TikTok Video Editing App

Canva also offers a feature called TikTok video editing. Users can easily edit their videos using TikTok video editing tools in Canva. You will find tools in Canva such as cropping videos, adding sound effects, adding music, color correction, rotating images, adjusting media speed and more in this tool.

Canva offers ready-made templates and designs for TikTok videos. Users can quickly edit their videos using these templates. Canva also offers special effects, animations, and text styles for TikTok videos, so users can make their videos more creative.

Canva supports many file formats used to edit TikTok videos. Users can upload their TikTok videos to Canva or create their videos using the TikTok editing tools in Canva.

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Canva offers an easy way to share TikTok videos. Users can edit TikTok videos in Canva and then upload them directly to the TikTok platform. This provides great convenience for those who want to share TikTok videos.

We recommend you to look at the topic on the official website titled "How to make a TikTok video with Canva". (https://www.canva.com/tr_tr/yapma/tiktok-video)

TikTok best video editing 4
TikTok best video editing apps

InShot TikTok Video Editing App

InShot is one of the video editing applications developed especially for mobile devices. It allows users to create and edit high-quality videos on their mobile devices.

InShot offers different tools with many features. The most notable of these tools include options such as cropping, merging, adding music, sound effects, image rotation, color correction and adjusting video speed. At the same time, the application has many advanced content such as green screen effect, multi-layer support, animations and motion graphics.

InShot supports videos in many different formats and resolutions, so users can create HD quality videos. Additionally, the app supports various file types so users can import videos from different sources.

InShot is optimized for social media sharing. Users can create videos for Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms using the app's specially designed features. Additionally, the app offers users filters specifically designed for social media, making videos look more engaging and professional.

InShot allows users to edit their videos quickly and easily. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the application has a structure that can be easily used even by users who do not have any video editing experience.

TikTok best video editing 3
InShot TikTok video editing application

FilmoraGo TikTok Video Editing Tool

FilmoraGo has an easy-to-use structure designed for smartphones and tablets. With this application, users can edit their videos, add music, add filters and effects very easily. FilmoraGo has a really user-friendly interface. The features seem like an application that users of all levels can use. Here are the most notable features of FilmoraGo:

  1. Edit Your Videos: FilmoraGo comes with a set of tools that allow users to trim, merge, add effects, and trim videos. Users can also change the speed of the video, add sound and music, and add animated text.
  2. Effects and Filters: FilmoraGo offers many filters and effects to add to videos. These features give a special feel to videos, such as weather, color settings, night and day conversions. Users can also remove or replace the effects they want.
  3. Music: FilmoraGo offers a rich music library and allows users to add various music to videos. Users can also add their own music as they create videos.
  4. High Quality: FilmoraGo has everything you need to output videos in high resolution. Therefore, users can output their videos in high quality. They also have the opportunity to upload videos directly to their social media accounts.
  5. User-Friendly: FilmoraGo has a public interface. Therefore, users of all levels can easily edit and customize their videos.

In summary, FilmoraGo is an ideal application for creating great videos with its ease of use and many features such as effects and filters. As with this tool, users can add music, effects, filters and video segments.

TikTok best video editing 2
FilmoraGo TikTok video editing application

TikTok Video Editing App Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe generally offers innovative and developer tools to the market. Among these tools is a video editing software called Premiere Rush. Premiere Rush is an application that is also available on mobile devices and allows users to edit their videos quickly and easily.

Premiere Rush allows users to cut, colorize and add special effects to their videos, photos and audio recordings. In addition, Premiere Rush allows creators to create a personalized style by adding sound effects, music, and titles to their videos. This tool can help you create great content by quickly editing your videos

Premiere Rush offers an easy-to-use interface and you can quickly import videos using a single application. There are many smart features you can use in the application, which will help you edit your videos in the best way possible. Additionally, in addition to quick changes, you can make adjustments within the video by adding keyframes to your videos.

Premiere Rush is a highly creative tool that offers features for innovative channels. For example, as users prepare to post their videos to Instagram or YouTube, the app automatically adjusts background music and effects. This way, users can have their videos ready to share.

We hope you benefited from our article titled TikTok best video editing apps.

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