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TikTok shuts down by itself error occurs from time to time due to device reasons. Solution suggestions for this are used for almost all applications.

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Recently, some users have reported that they are facing TikTok spontaneously closing issue. This issue can negatively impact TikTok users' experiences and is therefore important to resolve. In this content, we will discuss the factors that cause the TikTok auto-closing problem and ways to deal with it.

First of all, it is possible that the application has been closed. For example, if TikTok is banned in a country, users in that country cannot access the app. In this case, users may be able to access the application by connecting to a different country server using a VPN.

Apart from this, the app not opening may be an issue with the user's internet connection. Apps may not open or work when the internet connection is slow or erratic. The user may need to check the speed and quality of the internet connection.

Finally, the reason why the app is not opening or working may be due to an error or malfunction in the app. In this case, the user may need to update or reinstall the application.

To summarize, clear information about why the TikTok application is not opened or closed can only be explained by recent things. However, there may be many reasons why the app is not working and the user may need to reinstall the app or check the internet connection.

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Reasons why TikTok closes on its own

  1. Hardware issues: TikTok shutting down by itself issue is usually caused by hardware problems. Especially low-spec phones may encounter this problem more frequently.
  2. Software issues: TikTok auto-closing may also be caused by software issues. Installing the latest features that TikTok offers to its users or not updating them may cause these problems to occur.
  3. Insufficient storage space: TikTok self-closing problem may also be caused by insufficient storage space. Some features of TikTok write a large amount of data to the phone's storage, and in this case, when your phone's storage is full, TikTok may close automatically.
  4. Network connection issues: TikTok auto-closing issue can also be caused by an inadequate or poor network connection. A slow or intermittent internet connection may cause the app to not work properly, which may cause it to close on its own.
TikTok closes by itself 2
TikTok closes by itself

How to solve TikTok auto-closing problem?

  1. Keep your phone updated: Keep your phone updated to avoid TikTok auto shutdown issue. Updates fix your phone's software so it can run TikTok properly.
  2. Leave enough storage space on your phone: Leave enough storage space on your phone to run TikTok properly. This gives enough space for the app to store its data and therefore prevents TikTok from closing on its own.
  3. Check your network connection: If the TikTok auto-closing issue is caused by a slow or intermittent network connection, check your internet connection. Define DNS according to the situation.

Things to do on the TikTok application side

The app allows users to create, share and discover short videos. However, when you use the TikTok app frequently, a file called cache accumulates on your device. This file stores data accessed in the past to help the application run faster.

Cache files often increase memory usage and in some cases can negatively affect the performance of the application. Therefore, clearing TikTok cache is important to make the app run faster and more efficiently.

Clearing the cache in the TikTok app is quite simple. Here is the cache clearing process you can do step by step:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Enter the settings menu.
  3. Go to the Account section and scroll down.
  4. Select the cache and storage option.
  5. Enter the cache section and tap “Clear Cache Files”.
  6. Tap “OK” to confirm.

By following these steps, you can clear the cache files accumulated in the TikTok application. Clearing cache files makes the application run faster and helps you experience fewer performance issues with less memory usage.

As a result, clearing the cache on the TikTok app is very important. This process helps the application run faster and more efficiently. By following the steps I gave above, you can clear TikTok cache.

Application incompatibilities

There are different situations depending on whether the phone's software is outdated or the application is not up to date. One of these is the problem of being kicked out of the application. For testing purposes, it needs to be tried with other versions of the application.

Negatives about the phone

It is necessary to check whether the phone has enough free space. The amount considered sufficient is sometimes insufficient for the operating system. Always make more room for this.

Another negative situation is the mistake in the date of the phone. If it is wrong, many applications will run problematic.

Note that other installed applications sometimes cause problems. For example, a similar application causes problems or a protection application interferes.

Sanctions against your account

If there is a sanction applied to your account, you may see behavior that will prevent you from logging into your account. It's like when he throws you out at the entrance. This means that the application does not close but throws itself to the login screen.

To test your account, try your account on a different device. Likewise, try your phone with another account.

Try to log in using a browser. If it opens, use an option that you have not previously added to the sign-in options. For example, if the email login is attached but the phone number login is not attached, add it. Depending on the situation, convert your account to a business and log in that way.

Try to log in with password change

We use this method for some problems. We open two tabs in the browser, in one we have your email account logged in, and in the other we start tiktok.com password reset.

With the above process, it will act as a trigger.

Report to TikTok

For those who cannot access the application, we leave a link below to create a support request for your account. We also recommend you to take a look at the following recommended articles.


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TikTok closes automatically
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TikTok closes by itself problem

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