TikTok image quality is decreasing, increase image quality

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TikTok image quality decreases problem usually occurs when the video quality decreases. We do not know if this is the case for all users, but we will have suggestions to improve image quality.

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We include some of the reasons for the TikTok video quality decreasing error as examples below. Afterwards, we will give some steps to show how to solve it.

From time to time, in some of the posts we make, there are audio problems as well as video problems. It is not very common, but most of them experience problems due to either the device they use or the internet connection. The ones applied in the solution are the methods that have been tried in possible previous applications.

For the first test, let's check:

  • Are you having problems with your internet speed?
  • Have you tried it with another video and a different format other than the video you uploaded?
  • For phone testing, try with other phones.
  • Check app and account settings.

Why does TikTok image quality decrease?

We see that the necessary control steps are not implemented in most of the complaints about why TikTok video image quality is decreasing. The high quality of the image uploaded by users does not mean that it will be uploaded in the same quality.

Since networks have their own compression during uploads, there will inevitably be a certain loss of quality. We recommend that those who expect very good quality publish a slightly better image.

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It should also be checked whether the devices used during installations have sufficient free space. There is a rare possibility of video interruptions during transmission.

Sometimes the format of the image to be shared varies depending on the upload method and internet speed.

How to increase TikTok image quality?

Be careful of posts such as TikTok image quality enhancement programs. Choose safe areas to avoid situations such as fraud or viruses.

Increasing the image quality will vary depending on the version of the application, its compatibility with the device, its format and connection speed.

First, let's try this order:

  • Make sure you have the current version of the app. Those who use an old phone should definitely try a model that receives updates.
  • Let's try it with another connection for you to do the internet test.
  • Those who receive updates to the application or phone sometimes experience problems in using them. Again, try it with another device for testing purposes. If there is no problem, uninstall TikTok from your phone and install it again. You see, then try it with the old version.
  • Try changing the image quality of the video you will upload in a different format. It needs to be tried with multiple images.
  • If the video you uploaded is high in MB, upload videos of lower size.
  • Log out of your session and try again.
  • We recommend that those who will receive help from the network contact the correct title. Of course, the help area needs to be examined first.
TikTok image quality
TikTok image quality is decreasing, increase image quality

What will you do from the phone?

The settings in the application need to be changed and tried. When you try to make changes in the management of the sample account, it is possible that penalties and network failures may occur due to transactions not being recorded. This causes all kinds of problems. Your waiting will yield results.

There is also a section we call applications. Tap the TikTok text in the area here and run the contents.

In case of the problem that the image quality decreases automatically, there will be tests that you will perform according to the quality, file size and format of the video. Let the file size and video resolution of two different videos be different. This will be a good testing tool.

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