TikTok videos are not visible and neither can others

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The problem of TikTok videos not appearing is usually related to the sanctions against the account. Is this the basis of the problem here or are there different reasons? We will try to explain step by step in this news.

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Tik Tok, a social platform that has become very popular in recent months and has been downloaded over hundreds of millions, started to give errors from many users as a result of the density of the servers and some updates. These errors have different consequences, such as some of the videos not appearing on Tik Tok and some of them not showing the users. These errors are usually solved with a few different methods. Some of these methods work for a few users, while others work for other users.

TikTok videos not showingThe problem can be explained by calculation, device or a temporary situation. In cases where it is not clear what is causing the problem, trial and error comes into play.

The first recommendation is to turn your device off and on. The next thing is to ask people close to you and see if they have the same problem. Definitely try your account on another phone. Also try Wifi, 4.5G and 3G internet connections separately.

  • We can offer you another option independent of the following. Maybe you can solve this situation by switching to a pro account that manages my account in the application.

TikTok videos not appearing or general problems

  • If the video does not open or you are experiencing video problems, it is possible that the phone's Video Player application is insufficient or it may need a video player application.
  • There may be a momentary problem or this problem may continue throughout the day.
  • All kinds of problems may occur when the internal memory of the phone is insufficient.
  • If the phone software is too old, many features will not be supported.
  • Negativities experienced due to having an old version of the application on the phone.
  • White screen or videos not appearing when internet speed is insufficient.
  • There are also regional or user-based problems. Problems occur in a few people in the same place, but not in others.
  • The phone's date setting is incorrect.
  • There is a possibility of being partially penalized.

Suggestions for the problem that TikTok videos do not appear

The above situations may also apply. We will continue to write with additional information, stating possible reasons.

The reason why videos do not appear on TikTok is usually due to excessive server density. Waiting a few hours is usually enough for this error to be corrected. However, if the problem does not get better even after waiting, it is useful to try other methods.

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If the videos still do not appear after waiting, try entering the program using VPN software. This method may also work.

If you have tried these but the problem still persists, try clearing the user data and cache of the application. To do this, go to your phone's settings menu and open the applications tab. Then delete the app's data and log in again.

For the sake of trial, change your account to business if you want. You can return to the personal whenever you want.

Apart from these, the application may not be available to users in Türkiye, worldwide or due to connection problems.

TikTok is kicking out of the application 2
TikTok videos not showing

What you can do from your phone

On Android devices, enter the Applications / TikTok area and run the contents. Cleaning the sample data or removing any updates.

Even if your device seems to have free space, free up some more anyway. It will help the application and operating system run smoothly. If you are using a protection application, try temporarily stopping it.

Account problem detection

Go to the profile section and change the field about you, even if it is just a word or two. If there is something negative about the application's own system or your account, the changes you make will not be saved.

Tik Tok videos do not open or do not appear
TikTok videos are not visible and neither can others

Statuses related to TikTok

TikTok's rapid rise has brought about content management and platform security problems. In this topic, we will examine what the problems known as TikTok video problems are, how they arise, and how the platform addresses these problems.

Why TikTok video problem

The TikTok video issue arose due to the platform's lack of content moderation policies and the posting of inappropriate content. TikTok is a platform where users can shoot and share short videos. However, some users started posting inappropriate content on the platform. This content includes sexual content, violent content, hate speech, harassment and more.

Content management policies

TikTok has created various policies and rules for content moderation. These policies are designed to prevent inappropriate content from being published. However, it has been seen many times that the platform's content management policies are not sufficient. This has called into question the platform's ability to provide a safe environment for its users and communities.

Issues TikTok addresses

TikTok has taken a number of steps to address platform security and content moderation issues. These steps include increasing the number of moderation teams, using artificial intelligence technology to detect inappropriate content, encouraging positive behavior among users, and improving users' reporting systems.


The TikTok video issue is an issue that highlights content management and platform security issues. Although TikTok has taken many steps to address these issues, these problems still persist. Therefore, TikTok and other social media platforms should work harder on content moderation and platform security and provide better policies and solutions for users' safety.

We explained what to do about the TikTok videos not appearing error.

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