To approve your Instagram account, you need to be the business manager of the associated page on Business Manger

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Are there any people who get the error "To approve your Instagram account, you need to be the business manager of the associated page in Business Manger" when connecting or creating a Facebook page? We will share important solutions to the problem of Instagram pages not being added or connected.

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Sometimes you may encounter this when trying to verify your business account. The main reason for the error that occurs when trying to connect an Instagram account to a Facebook page may be that you are not an administrator of the page you want to connect or there is an access authorization problem.

A temporary verification method may be requested as a result of the warning that appears constantly when you want to connect to the Facebook page. Therefore, it is recommended to take a break and try it later.

What does Business Manger related page mean?

If you have created a business page on your Facebook account, access permissions must be given for it to be connected to the Instagram account. When access is granted, your Instagram business account is approved.

As Facebook Business, we recommend that you search on Google and enter the relevant site to make the necessary adjustments. Then you make the connection.

Link Business to verify Instagram account

Make sure that the above account has been created and you are an administrator. Then follow the order below.

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  • Go to your profile from the Instagram application and continue with "Edit",
  • From the publicly available information, continue with “Connect and create” in the field called “Page”,
  • If you have a Facebook page, continue with “Link existing page”. Or with create,
  • When you continue with the existing one, you will be asked to enter the username and password of the account that contains this page.

After you confirm, a confirmed page area will now appear. This option is especially necessary when adding a business location. This may need to be attached to the workplace location notification.

You must be an administrator of the page's business error

Disconnect and reconnect. If it doesn't work, you can try it from another phone this time. Plus, you can give access to this Business account to another account and authorize it with it. As a solution, we authorized our own Facebook username and confirmed the transaction through it. In other words, we made another Facebook account an administrator and confirmed it with that administrator account. Later, we removed him from management.

Other things to try are:

  • It may be necessary to try with another phone and account.
  • Acting as an administrator of another account.
  • Access permissions may be blocked as a result of frequent attempts.
  • Your account may not be verified.
  • It could be a non-administrator account.
verify instagram account
Business Manger to verify Instagram account

Trouble arises when community rules are violated

Community rules are an issue that is taken into consideration to prevent users from abusing the quality time they spend on Instagram. Sometimes doing something on Instagram without realizing it can result in a community rules error.

It is necessary to pay attention to community rules not only on Instagram but also on every social media platform in general. Because not only a certain group of people use Instagram, but the opinions of everyone may not agree with each other. In such cases, restrictions may be imposed on social media accounts as a result of sharing posts or sharing thoughts that violate the rules of the communities. However, some people may say that they received this notification even if they think that they did not act against the community rules.

Why is there a community rules issue?

The question of why Instagram community rules issue occurs is one of the questions that remain in the minds of many users. Such problems may occur due to the following reasons:

Someone may have unknowingly committed a community rule violation. This may lead to long-term community rule restrictions by Instagram.

Even if there is no community rule violation, too many complaints about a post for the same reason will cause that post to be removed and a notification will be sent stating that there is a community rules issue. If it is a post that actually violates community rules, it is normal to receive a complaint for the same reasons.

If the restriction has been imposed upon complaint or actual violation of the community rule, a community rule error notification may also appear on new shared posts.

Instagram community rules issues are common. Because community rules are a sensitive issue, Instagram pays extra attention to this situation. In case the post is not shared due to community rule notification, the following methods can be followed;

  • People may need to rest their Instagram addresses for a while. If you have been banned by Instagram, you should not post anything to prevent this restriction from getting longer.
  • Removing the post that violates the restriction may be a solution to this situation. Care should be taken not to post such posts for a while.
  • People can ask their followers to write nice comments on their posts and increase their likes and interactions.
  • The Instagram application can be deleted directly from the phone and reinstalled after waiting for a while. Errors can also be reported to Instagram staff.
  • After reporting, care should be taken not to share it for a while.
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