Sending bulk SMS Sending messages to contacts in iPhone contacts

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Sending bulk SMS on iPhone requires an additional application other than WhatsApp. Since there is no multi-messaging option on the phone, an application is required.

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The programs we recommend for sending mass text messages, i.e. sending SMS, to all contacts in your iPhone contacts may be removed from the download store after a certain period of time or may work problematically after updates.

Plus, pay attention to users' comments. You decide to continue based on the use of all alternative applications.

We recommend that you read the reviews of the application before using the iPhone multi-messaging application. 

Sending bulk SMS from the phone will be very easy to send messages to all the names in the contact list. Users who wonder if there is an SMS sending application, yes, you can download and install it for free. Paid applications can also be used to send bulk SMS on any date and time you want.

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Bulk SMS sending methods

You can send three types of messages from your Apple mobile phone. Namely;

  • Group iMessage
  • Group MMS
  • Group SMS

 If you use an Apple device and the people you send messages to also use Apple devices, you can send a group message as iMessage. If you send a message to people who do not use iMessage, it may go as an MMS or SMS message.

If you want to send messages to people on your phone in bulk, search for "sending bulk SMS" in the App Store. Try the bulk SMS sending applications that appear on the screen. Some are paid, some are free.

Sending bulk SMS: Some applications have restrictions on sending bulk messages. I also recommend you to review the comments before downloading the application. Would you like to see our Android article on sending bulk SMS to all contacts in the contact list?  

How to send mass messages on iPhone?

Our recommended application for iPhone will be “Bulk easy message”.

  • Let's go to the Apple Store, search for our application and download it,
  • When it opens, the second image will appear directly and tap “+”.
  • Type a group name when creating a group,
  • If the group name appears on the screen, tap on it.
  • Tap “Add contact” and give the approval requested by the application to access your contacts.
  • Select the people you want to add,
  • Tap the message writing icon in the top right. (pencil icon)

We came to the message sending screen. If you want, you can use ready-made message templates below for special occasions. Like Eid or Friday messages.

Sending bulk SMS Sending messages to contacts in iPhone contacts
Sending bulk SMS Sending messages to contacts in iPhone contacts
how to send multiple messages
Send messages to contacts in iPhone contacts
send mass messages to contacts
Sending bulk messages
bulk message to contacts on iphone
Send mass messages to contacts in iPhone contacts
send mass messages to contacts
Access permission to contacts for SMS
Multiple messages to contacts
Select people to message
Send multiple messages to contacts in contacts
Write your required message after classification

Send message to all contacts in iPhone contacts

You decide to download the bulk message sending

  • We tested the example “TS – Send group message” application. You will see advertisements from time to time.
  • Add person: adding people to send messages to
  • Write the message to be sent with the bulk SMS title
  • With ready-made messages, you can use kandil messages and holiday message patterns such as the Night of Power.

Bulk SMS sending iPhone alternative application

The application called Fast Messaging generally works without any problems. Sometimes, but sometimes it can kick out of the application. With the list you will create, sending bulk SMS will become effortless. For example, you can divide it into headings such as Eid al-Adha message, Eid al-Fitr message and Kandil message.

Bulk messaging application features

  • Selecting a sender name, sending fast SMS, sending SMS to records, sending SMS to groups
  • Send bulk SMS on the date and time you want with the scheduling feature
  • Sending messages either at once or in parts
  • Create a group by selecting contacts entries
  • Blocking people you don't want to send SMS to
  • Advanced reporting on submissions

And more is included in this news. Those who experience iPhone bulk SMS sending problems need to restart their devices. The following steps will be applied depending on the situation.

What to do in case of bulk SMS sending problem

From the General section, tap the reset and transfer option and reset the network settings. It is reset in the settings depending on the situation.

Android users need to go to the settings section called applications, tap on the relevant application and run the options within it.

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