TS format MP4 conversion program does not open the movie

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If TS movies do not open on the TV and give the error of not supported, it most likely means that they are incompatible. Our recommendation is to use the TS MP4 converter program.

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The .TS extension is known as the MPEG video file, which is mostly preferred in professional broadcasts. Such content will often not be opened using a USB flash memory on a Smart TV. To use it on television, you need to convert it to a compatible format. An example could be MP4.

We recommend that those who complain that they downloaded a movie from the internet but cannot watch it on TV or that it does not open, check the file support. We can say that the extension in the title will mostly not work. We see that content that takes up a small amount of space is opened.

If TS movies do not open on TV;

You can try some reliable software by searching for TS format MP4 conversion program on Google. You will come across free ones, and some of them offer free use as long as they advertise it. In some cases, it gives a warning to switch to the paid version after a certain amount of use.

We used Aiseesoft as an example and needed to change the audio and video settings before starting the conversion process. To test it without changing the settings, we started the process as is, and after a few minutes we stopped it and looked at its sound and image. The image was not what we wanted. Size 4.3 and it was not good quality. Then we configured it and started it again.

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We would like to share important information for those looking for online sites to convert TS to MP4. If the file size of the movies, TV series or videos you want to translate is large, the process cannot be performed. We can say that it is ideal for short ones, but for those who have a long time, a program is a must.

In the conversion process with the site;

  • Make sure that the selected site is reliable. We definitely recommend that the system you use has antivirus software.
  • Most of them have select file. Click and select the location of the video.
  • Select the conversion format. In a small number of cases, sound and image quality can be selected.
  • When finished, the download button will appear. Do not accidentally confuse it with advertising links.

For those who say TS movie is not opening;

  • We recommend that they test by changing the file extension. Example .mpeg, .mp4…
  • TS to MP4 converter programs can be used.
  • When downloading a movie, change the file extension and save it.
  • Install an auxiliary playback application on the TV and try to open it via it.

As you can see in the image below, the extension of the format that cannot be opened can be MPEG4 and rarely MPEG2.

TS format MP4 conversion program does not open the movie

In the second illustrated explanation, we would like to show you which area you need to enter to access the settings options. By clicking on the icon with a gear in the upper right, you will access the latest image.

TS format MP4 conversion program

TS MP4 conversion sites

Update Date: 08 February 2021, 03:08

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