Using Turkcell TV Plus on a computer

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Turkcell TV Plus is very easy to use on the phone and computer. You can use it by installing the TV+ application on Android and iPhone and running the plug-in on a Windows computer.

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Turkcell TV Plus is an application of Turkcell where you can easily watch hundreds of foreign and local channels as well as many TV series and movies through the application.

You can watch Turkcell TV+ from your mobile phone, tablet or television if you wish. You can start watching by running the application downloaded to your Smart TV and entering your phone number and password. For televisions that do not have internet and application support, you can purchase a TV Box device, connect it to the TV, and get both internet access and Smart TV features.

Turkcel TV Plus fee starts from 10 TL per month. You can take a look at many productions in 4K Ultra HD broadcast quality.

TV Plus users, in addition to Premier League matches, these packages include 3 GB, 5 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB, 30 GB and Sports packages.

How to use Turkcell TV Plus on computer?

How to watch Turkcell Plus on computer? TV application from download it from the app stores for Android or iPhone. When opening it from the computer, click the "Download plugin" button and install the program on the computer. Then it will ask you to open the “WebTV Dmp Pleyer” application. After approval, Turkcell TV+ will be available. Turkcell TV Plus online viewing

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Using Turkcell TV Plus on a computerOpening Turkcell TV Plus on a computerTurkcell TV Plus online viewingWatch TV Pluswatching live tv on computer

You have the opportunity to watch the live broadcast and watch the broadcasts you missed in the last 24 hours. The rewind feature can be used both on television and on all supporting phones / tablets.

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