How to hide Twitter reply, i.e. comment?

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We have good news for users who are looking for how to hide Twitter comment replies. Unwanted comments on tweets can be hidden.

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The most common problem experienced by Twitter users is the comments made on posted tweets. Some of them can be abusive, insulting, threatening and hurtful. The application developer has made an important decision in this regard and now the tweet reply hiding feature is coming.How to hide replyvedoes not come outWhat to do about the problem?

We should point out that Twitter is mostly used for political content posts. That's why a lot of disturbing comments can be made on the posts made by those with a large number of followers. They can even go so far as to go out of their way and threaten.

Twitter seems to be a little late in its reply hiding feature, in our opinion. Although some people complained to Twitter about the disturbing responses, many users saw them because instant action could not be taken. Sometimes deleting the comment may not be in your interest. We think this feature is an important service for instant response to comments.

After long R&D efforts by the application developer, reply hiding was made available in Japan and America. The information that it is now available worldwide was reflected in the posts.

You can now hide unwanted replies on Twitter instead of deleting them.

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How to hide Twitter reply?

  • Tap on the relevant reply and tap “Hide reply” in the pop-up window.
  • To see hidden replies, simply tap next to the shared tweet and tap “View hidden replies”.
  • Or “View replies hidden by the tweet author” under the shared tweet.
  • Then “Unhide reply”

This innovation is not yet available in many social networks. We can especially say that it is not on Instagram & Facebook, and do not be surprised if it appears on other networks soon.

How to hide Twitter reply, i.e. comment?
Hide tweet comments
How to hide Twitter comments?
How to hide Twitter comments?
How to hide Twitter reply
Twitter reply hide
Unhide Twitter private reply
How to hide Twitter reply, i.e. comment?

Hide Twitter reply is not showing

This innovation has not reached all users yet, and those who have problems such as no response or option not appearing over time can write to us. However, we will share the possible reasons in general and shape them with questions from you.

  • Has Twitter been updated?
  • Have you tried adding a number to your account and confirming it?
  • Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app?
  • Uninstall the current one and install an older version of Twitter and update again
  • Isn't Hide Reply showing on the computer?

We have prepared the necessary steps about the Twitter reply hiding feature, step by step. Our next important topic isTwitter nothing to see here.

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