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The problem that Twitter posts are not currently loading occurs more or less in X usage. This mostly happens when our internet connection is interrupted or blocked. But if there is a restriction applied when trying to access the relevant social media, this will cause a temporary access problem to your internet, device or account.

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Before proceeding with the steps, we recommend that you try it with a browser, application, different device and internet.

Checking X Status

If you are experiencing the “Posts are not currently loading” error, it is important to check if this is due to a server outage. Steps to follow to understand and solve the problem:

1. Visit Platform Status Page:

  • First, check X's official status page to determine if the issue is caused by the platform itself. This page may contain up-to-date information about server outages or maintenance work.

2. Follow Social Media and Forums:

  • Check the X platform's official social media accounts and user forums. If there is a large-scale outage, users often share information about it on social media or forums.

3. Check Your Internet Connection:

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  • Check if the error is caused by a local internet problem. Make sure your internet connection is stable and that you are not having problems accessing other websites.

4. Restart the Browser or App:

  • There may be a problem with your browser or application. Try to fix this problem by closing and reopening your browser or application.

5. Get X Support:

  • Check the support page for the X platform. If the problem is a general outage, the platform usually provides information about it to users.

6. Check for Updates:

  • If you are using an application of the X platform, check if the application is up to date. You can find a temporary solution by installing updates or vice versa by uninstalling and trying an older version.

7. Review Your Browser Settings:

  • If you are using a browser, review your browser settings. Clear cookies, reset cache and try to fix the problem by disabling browser add-ons.
Twitter posts are not currently loading 1
Twitter posts are not currently loading

Clearing App Cache (Android)

Android cihazınızda “gönderiler şu anda yüklenmiyor” hatası ile karşılaşıyorsanız, bu sorunun uygulama önbelleğinde birikmiş geçici dosyalardan kaynaklanıyor olabileceğini düşünebilirsiniz.

1. Ana Ekrandan X Uygulamasını Bulun:

  • Cihazınızın ana ekranında X uygulamasını bulun.

2. Uygulama Simgesini Basılı Tutun:

  • Uygulama simgesine basılı tutun. Bu, uygulama ile ilgili seçeneklere erişmenizi sağlayacaktır.

3. Uygulama Bilgisi’ne Dokunun:

  • Seçenekler arasında “Uygulama Bilgisi” veya “App Info” gibi bir seçenek bulun ve buna dokunun.

4. Depolama Sekmesine Erişin:

  • Uygulama Bilgisi sayfasında, “Depolama” veya “Storage” seçeneğine erişin.

5. Önbelleği Temizle ve Verileri Temizle’ye Dokunun:

  • Depolama seçeneğine girdikten sonra, “Önbelleği Temizle” ve “Verileri Temizle” gibi seçenekleri göreceksiniz. Her iki seçeneğe de dokunun.

6. Onay Verin:

  • “Önbelleği Temizle” ve “Verileri Temizle” işlemleri için onay verin. Bu işlemler, uygulamanın önbelleğini ve geçici verilerini temizleyecektir.

Force Restart App X

X uygulamasında arama özelliğinde yaşanan geçici hatalar ve sorunlar, uygulamanın normal işleyişini etkileyebilir. Bu tür durumları dışlamak ve uygulamayı yeniden başlatarak kaynakları yeniden yüklemek, genellikle bu tür sorunların çözümüne yardımcı olabilir.

iOS Kullanıcıları İçin:

  1. Uygulama Değiştiriciyi Açın:
    • Ekranınızın altından yukarı doğru kaydırarak uygulama değiştiriciyi açın.
  2. Find App X:
    • Uygulama değiştiricide X uygulamasını bulun.
  3. Uygulamayı Kapatın:
    • Drag up or tap to close the app.
  4. Return to Home Screen and Restart X:
    • Return to your home screen and restart the X app.

For Android Users:

  1. Open Settings:
    • Open Settings on your device.
  2. Access Applications:
    • Access the Applications tab.
  3. Find App X:
    • Look for app X in the list.
  4. Force Stop:
    • Once you find app X, tap “Force Stop”.
  5. Restart X:
    • Return to your home screen and restart the X app.

X Session Refresh

If you're still having trouble, logging out of your X account and logging back in can usually fix temporary errors and force the app to refresh your entire timeline.

  1. Tap Profile Icon:
    • In the X app, tap the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Expand the Settings and Support Tab:
    • In the menu that opens, find the “Settings and Support” option and expand it.
  3. Go to Account Settings:
    • Go to the “Settings & Privacy” tab, then click “Your Account”.
  4. Access Account Information Tab:
    • Access your account settings by accessing the “Account Information” tab.
  5. Log Out:
    • Tap “Sign Out” and log out by following the instructions.
  6. Log In Again:
    • Restart the app and log in again with the “Sign In” or “Sign In” option on the home screen.

Checking for Network Problems

An unstable internet connection can cause various problems when accessing websites and applications. If you still get the "Posts are not currently loading" error, you may think that this problem may be caused by your internet connection. Here are the steps to fix this problem and check your connection:

1. Test Your Connection:

  • Test your connection using This is a quick way to check if your available bandwidth matches the speed stated in your plan.
  • Go to and run the connection speed test on the page.

2. Restart the Modem:

  • If there seems to be a problem with your connection, you can refresh the connection by turning your modem off and on.
    • Unplug your router from the wall outlet.
    • Wait at least 10 seconds.
    • Reconnect your router to its power source.

3. Contact the place where you receive internet service:

  • If your connection still does not improve, test with VPN and contact the internet service's support if necessary. Find out if there are any incoming service alerts or outages.

4. Check Wireless Connection:

  • If you are using a wireless connection, check the signal strength. If the wireless connection is poor, move closer to your modem or consider using a wired connection.

You Have Reached Your Daily Limit: Twitter Usage Limits

The X platform is making various changes to improve the user experience. According to Elon's announcement, temporary limits have recently been placed on the number of tweets an account can see. If you receive the “Daily Limit Reached” error, this indicates that you may have reached the daily limit of your account. Here are the solutions:

1. Using Another Account:

  • If you have another account or can open another account, try accessing the platform using that account. This way you can exceed your daily limit.

2. Connect with Friends:

  • Contact your friends to verify if the error is due to your account reaching the daily limit. They can also check if they are experiencing a similar limitation.

3. Waiting for a Determined Time:

  • If you are sure that your account has reached the daily limit, you can wait a certain period of time (usually 24 hours) for the limit to be lifted.

X What is the White Screen Problem?

The white screen problem in the Twitter application refers to a situation that users encounter when they open the application and the content does not load, only a white screen appears. This issue prevents users from seeing and interacting with posts on the platform.

Causes of White Screen Problem:

  1. Internet Connection Problems:A poor or interrupted internet connection may cause the Twitter app to fail to load content.
  2. Cache Issues:The Twitter cache on the device may become faulty over time, leading to the white screen issue.
  3. App Updates:Incomplete or incorrect installation of updates may cause application incompatibility and problems.
  4. Device Memory and Capacity:If the device has insufficient memory or its storage capacity is full, it may prevent the application from working properly.

Solutions to the White Screen Problem:

  1. Checking Internet Connection:Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to ensure a stable internet connection.
  2. Closing and Opening the Application:You can fix temporary errors by closing the application completely and opening it again.
  3. Restarting the Device:Try to fix system problems by restarting your device.
  4. Checking for App Updates:Check if you are using the latest version of your Twitter app on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  5. Clearing Cache:You can delete incorrect cache data by going to the application settings from the settings menu and clearing the cache.
  6. Optimizing Device Memory:To optimize your device's memory, delete unnecessary files and check your storage space.

X How to Know If Your Account Has Been Suspended

You can follow the steps below to understand that your X account has been suspended and to resolve this situation:

1. Receiving Notifications:

  • X will send you a notification when it suspends your account. This notification will include information about why and for how long your account was suspended.

2. Check Your Account Information:

  • Check your account status by going to your X account settings. If your account has been suspended, you will see this status here.

3. Email Check:

  • X will usually send you an email when your account is suspended. You can find out the reason and duration of suspension by checking this email.

4. Contact X's Support Team:

  • If you don't understand why or want to dispute, contact X's support team. The support team will help you find out why your account was suspended and solutions.

5. Policy Violation:

  • If the reason for your account suspension was a policy violation, review X's policy rules. If there is a rule you have violated, you can solve the problem by acting in accordance with that rule.
  • To check your account, try to change something in the profile. If it is not allowed, we think you face partial sanctions.

These are the necessary steps for the X posts are not currently loading error.

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