VPN Not Working on the Phone: Connecting Has Token Too Long Error

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The VPN not working problem appears as follows these days; “Connecting has token too long. Tap retry to give it another go”

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If you say you have been using it for a long time but am having trouble these days, what is happening now is a restriction made by BTK. This is temporary, we have not come across an official statement yet. However, when complaints about VPN not working increase, most likely an explanation will be given or the problem will be fixed.

The suggestions we have included below are general steps for VPN not working problems. These are the methods to be used for many VPN problems. What is happening now is occurring for a different reason.

VPN Not Working Connection Problems: Why Is VPN Not Connecting?

If your VPN connection is problematic throughout the day or at certain hours and you want to understand why it is not connecting, take a look at the steps below after trying it with a different internet connection and device:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection and VPN Connection:
    • For the VPN connection to be successful, you must have a stable internet connection. Or there shouldn't be any restrictions. After trying to re-establish the WiFi connection, restart the router, or check the Ethernet cable, try testing other regions.
  2. Check Your VPN Provider's Server Status:
    • Check if your VPN provider's servers are online and if there are any regional problems. You may not be able to connect due to planned maintenance or server problems.
  3. Review Your VPN Settings:
    • Check your settings in your VPN app. Make sure you have correctly configured the location, protocol and other necessary settings used.
  4. Use Kill Switch Feature:
    • Many VPN service providers, such as NordVPN, have a Kill Switch feature. This feature protects your privacy by stopping all your internet traffic in case VPN connections are lost. Consider enabling this feature.
  5. Check Firewall:
    • Your firewall or antivirus software may be blocking the VPN connection. Try disabling the firewall temporarily.
  6. Reinstall Your VPN App:
    • Uninstall and reinstall your VPN app. This may fix possible errors that may have occurred in application files. https://www.andronova.net
VPN not working 2
VPN not working error

VPN Troubleshooting Guide

If your VPN application is not working properly, continue with the following headings:

  1. Internet and Connection Test:
    • Let's make sure that the internet connection is smooth. If you're using a modem or booster, consider the possibility that this might be relevant. Make sure your VPN connection is also OK.
  2. Try with a Different Server Location:
    • Try to connect to different server locations on the VPN service. If there are problems in certain locations, try selecting a few other locations.
  3. Restart the App, Modem and Your Device:
    • Turn off and on your computer, mobile device, application and modem.
  4. Check Your VPN Settings and Open Ports:
    • Check your application settings and make sure you set the ports correctly. If necessary, consider changing the protocols used.
  5. Disable Firewalls and Virus Apps:
    • If virus software or a firewall is blocking your VPN connection, try disabling it temporarily.
  6. Reinstall VPN Software or Try with a Different Version:
    • There may be version conflicts in the VPN application service from time to time. Meaningless problems may arise. In such cases, uninstall and reinstall is more common. However, it may cause problems in a different application. For this reason, be careful about applications installed later.

VPN Connection Problems: Check Your Credentials

In VPN problems, checking your credentials correctly is an important step. You can try to fix the problem by following these steps:

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  1. Verify Your Credentials:
    • Make sure you enter the correct username and password specified by your VPN provider. Spelling mistakes or incorrect entries may block the VPN connection.
  2. If You Use NordVPN, Use the Control Panel:
    • If you are a NordVPN user, you can check your credentials from the user control panel. Select NordVPN under “Control Panel”, then in “Advanced Configuration” you can see your username and password in “Service Credentials” (manual setup).
  3. Reset Your Password or Get Support:
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password or get help by contacting your VPN provider's customer support team.
  4. Use Reliable VPN:
    • When downloading a VPN, make sure you choose a reliable provider. Fake or illegal VPNs can cause connection problems. Choose reliable providers like NordVPN.
  5. Check VPN Settings on Your Router:
    • If you are using VPN software on your router, make sure you enter the correct service credentials. This information may differ from your VPN account.
  6. Avoid VPN Scams:
    • Avoid unreliable VPN providers. Fake VPNs and cracked accounts can put your security at risk. In case of doubt, check whether your provider is legitimate.

Check VPN Server Status

When you experience VPN connection issues, checking the status of your VPN server can help resolve the issue. You can perform this check by following the steps below:

  1. Connect to a Different Server Location:
    • If your preferred VPN server is not working, try connecting to a different server location. For example, if there is a problem in your current location, you can connect by selecting another geographical location.
  2. Change VPN Server Location:
    • If the issue is specifically tied to a specific geographic region, consider choosing a different VPN server location. For example, if you are having trouble connecting to a server in Qatar, try disconnecting and selecting a server in Turkey.
  3. Check the Status of Your VPN Provider:
    • You can get information about the general status of the server you are using through your VPN provider's official website or customer support channels. Maintenance or outage situations on servers are frequently announced on these resources.
  4. Keep Your VPN App Updated:
    • Make sure your VPN app is up to date. Updates can improve performance and fix potential connectivity issues.
  5. Try Different Protocols and Ports:
    • You can solve your problem by trying different protocols and ports in the settings of your VPN application. This is sometimes a way to get a reliable connection.

Testing VPN Protocol and Ports

Checking the VPN protocol and ports used in VPN problems can help solve the problem. For this:

  1. Change VPN Protocol:
    • Check the protocol options in your VPN app's settings. In the NordVPN example, the NordLynx protocol is used by default. However, you can try OpenVPN protocol as another option. Try the connection again after changing the protocol.
  2. Check Ports:
    • VPN services typically have ports in use. Port 500 for UDP and port 443 for TCP are commonly used. Make sure these ports are open. If necessary, you can change these ports in your application settings.
  3. Check Your Firewall:
    • Make sure your firewall allows VPN connection. Note that ports 443 TCP and 1194 UDP must be open to use NordVPN. Make sure your firewall or antivirus program allows VPN pass-through.
  4. Check Your Router's Settings:
    • Check your router's settings to allow VPN pass-through. You can enable different protocols and ports through your router's settings.
  5. Keep Your VPN Software Updated:
    • Make sure the VPN app you use is up to date. Updates may include fixes to resolve connectivity issues.

Checking for VPN Software Problems

VPN yazılımı, diğer yazılımlar gibi zaman zaman çökebilir veya hatalarla karşılaşabilir. Eğer VPN kullanıyorsanız ve olası bir hatadan şüpheleniyorsanız, şu adımları takip edebilirsiniz:

  1. Yazılımın Güncel Olduğundan Emin Olun:
    • NordVPN gibi premium sağlayıcılar düzenli olarak testler yaparak hataları tespit eder ve en güncel sürümde çözümlerini sunar. Bu nedenle, yazılımınızın en son sürümüne güncel olduğundan emin olun.
  2. Bug Bounty Programına Katılın:
    • Eğer bir hatadan şüpheleniyorsanız ve bu hatayı bildirmek istiyorsanız, NordVPN’in Bug Bounty programına katılabilirsiniz. Eğer tespit ettiğiniz hata geçerliyse, çabalarınız ödüllendirilebilir.
  3. Yazılımı Sıfırlayın veya Yeniden Yükleyin:
    • Sorun devam ediyorsa, yazılımı sıfırlamayı veya tamamen yeniden yüklemeyi deneyin. Bu işlem, yazılımın olası hatalarını gidermeye yardımcı olabilir.
  4. Arka Plan Programlarını Kontrol Edin:
    • VPN kullanımı sırasında diğer arka plan programlarının sorunlara neden olup olmadığını kontrol edin. Gereksiz programları kapatmayı düşünün.
  5. Disk Alanını Temizleyin:
    • Bilgisayarınızdaki disk alanını temizleyerek performans sorunlarını çözebilirsiniz.
  6. VPN Ayarlarını Sıfırlayın:
    • VPN ayarlarınızda bir sorun olabileceğinden şüpheleniyorsanız, ayarları varsayılana sıfırlayabilirsiniz.
  7. VPN Yazılımı Güncellemelerini Kontrol Edin:
    • VPN yazılımının düzenli güncellemelerini kontrol edin ve en son sürümü kullanmaya özen gösterin.
VPN calismiyor 3
VPN çalışmıyor sorununa çözüm

Firewall Blocking Control

Firewalls can block VPN traffic or prevent the VPN client from connecting to the server, which can cause connection problems. Therefore, it is important to check whether your firewall is blocking the VPN connection. Here are the steps you can take to achieve this control:

  1. Checking Windows Defender Firewall:
    • To check if your firewall, including Windows Defender Firewall, is the cause of VPN blocking, you can follow these steps:
      • Temporarily disable your firewall and check your VPN connection.
      • Try again by adding an exception for the VPN client to your personal firewall settings.
  2. Temporarily Disabling the Firewall:
    • If you think your firewall may be blocking the VPN connection, you can temporarily disable the firewall.
    • After the trial, you can learn about the effect of your firewall on your VPN connection.
  3. Adding Exceptions to Personal Firewall Settings:
    • You can prevent VPN traffic from being blocked by adding an exception to your firewall settings for your VPN client.
    • After adding this exception, check your VPN connection.

Reinstall the Latest Version of Your VPN App

Reinstalling the latest version of your VPN application is an effective method of fixing bugs and vulnerabilities that could harm your performance. Here are the steps you can follow to perform this process:

  1. Uninstalling Existing VPN App:
    • Uninstall the existing VPN app on your device. You can usually do this from your device's settings or application manager.
  2. Restarting Your Device:
    • After uninstalling the app, restart your device to check if any remaining app data has been deleted from memory. This step gives your device a clean start.
  3. Download and Install the Latest Version:
    • Download the latest version of the VPN app from your VPN provider's official website or your app store.
    • Install the downloaded application on your device and complete the installation.

Connecting Has Token Too Long Tap Retry to Dive it Another go Hatası

VPN connecting has token too long hatası şu aralar Türkiye’ de uygulanan erişim kısıtlamasından alakalıdır. Bir çok VPN sağlayıcısını etkileyen bu durum tahmini bir süre daha devam edecek. VPN çalışmıyor iPhone cihazlarda denendi ve zaman zaman belli belirsiz saatlerde az çok çalışmakta. Opera VPN hizmetini test ettiğimizde herhangi bir sorun yaşamadık. Tabi onda bölge değiştirme ücretsiz olarak yapılmamakta. Ücretsiz VPN hizmetlerinin çoğu bir kaç bölge seçeneği ile karşınıza çıkar.

VPN not working 1
Connecting has token too long. Tap retry to give it another go

VPN Services with VPN Not Working Problems

ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, Unlimited, HideMe, Hotspot Shield, Proton VPN, IPVanish, Surfshark VPN, Super VPN, ZenVPN, SurfEasy, TunnelBear, Secure and many more VPN services that we do not know may be affected.

VPN çalışmıyor Android ve iPhone hizmetlerinde denenmiştir. Windows 10 veya Windows 11 VPN çalışmıyor şeklinde şu an için herhangi bir bilgiye denk gelmedik. Bu kısıtlama ile Turkcell’ de denk geldik ve Vodafone veya Türk Telekom operatörleri ile henüz test etmedik.

Turkish meaning of the warning: The token of the connection is too long. Tap try again to try again.

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