Wetransfer Yanlışlıkla Gönderilen Dosyayı Silme

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Is it possible to delete the file sent by Wetransfer by mistake from the other party? Answer to the question "Can I delete the sent video link transfer?"

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How to delete files sent via Wetransfer from the other party was one of the topics that was researched for a while. We think that in the past, this was only possible with a Pro membership, that is, a paid membership. Now, we see that the posts sent by members are deleted without any problems. We came across two articles on the official website for this.

As far as we know, it is not possible to get rid of unloaded links with a WeTransfer account. Of course, it is possible to remove e-mails sent using e-mail such as Gmail without the other party seeing it.

Be careful of links sent without an account. Links sent by mistake may sometimes be irreversible. If you are going to send files from here and then remove them, you need to have access to this account. Sent files are given 7 days to be automatically deleted.

Wetransfer remove accidentally sent file

Necessary information about removing files sent from logged-in accounts is available on the support page.

Hovering over the transfer while viewing it from the site's sent panel area will give you the option to delete it. Tap on the “Transfers” section and you will be able to delete/delete under the selected video or photo.

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A confirmation option will always pop up next to the transfer and when the box is checked, delete will appear. Information that the transfer will be permanently deleted will be displayed on the screen.

When a file is selected, if desired, the transaction can be made by selecting all transfers from the blue drop-down bar at the top of the list or at the bottom of the screen. You will find an example gif explanation below.

Wetransfer accidentally deleted the sent file, removed the link
Wetransfer deletes accidentally sent file

Wetransfer sent file is not deleted

As a solution to the complaints that Wetransfer cannot remove the sent file, in unregistered cases, you can perhaps request help by sending an e-mail to the service provider.

Sometimes we notify you via e-mail about what we have uploaded to file upload sites. Please note that in such cases, the email provider offers the ability to remove the uploaded message within a certain period of time. For example, Gmail can be easily processed.

Paid and free features are explained in the images added below. Depending on the situation, for connections that are not deleted, the deletion feature can be activated from the other side by switching to a pro account.

Wetransfer gönderilen dosyayı silme işlemi olmuyor ise;

  • Test with a different computer or phone. Also, in case the internet used is restricted, it is necessary to connect to a wireless network that has not been used on the day the problem occurs and the operations must be carried out urgently.
  • Log out and try again.
  • Send another file and test with it.
  • If the new files sent can be deleted, then try again by adding the ones that are not deleted to the bulk removal option.
Wetransfer deletes accidentally sent file
Wetransfer yanlışlıkla gönderilen dosyayı silme adımları.
Wetransfer remove accidentally sent link
Wetransfer gönderilen dosyayı silme

For grievances that occur in legal cases, the prosecutor's office channel must be used. Necessary sanctions will be applied after the court decisions are taken.

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