Export WhatsApp Chat What Does It Mean and How to Do It

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If you are wondering what WhatsApp chat export is or what it means and if you do not know how to export, follow our steps.

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Whatsappcontinues to be an application we use frequently both in business and in our social life. Even though there are national applications such as Bip as our alternative, WhatsApp continues to be the most used messaging application in Turkey. Very important notes and login information can be shared in these applications. Although it is not true, we can say that usage is intense. This important data is sometimesbackupk may be required. For example, such a feature may be preferred. Not thatWhat does export whatsapp chat mean?or why?

In our article, we wanted to inform those who do not know what chat export is for and how to use it with a visual explanation. If it happens, you may encounter problems such as not exporting or not being able to export the backup, and you can write to us for help. If you have such a situation, do not ask us for help with just the title. You may need to share the error note you receive as is.

Transfer WhatsApp Chat

Export whatsapp chat, this option is one of the very important features that most users see from time to time but do not know clearly. Apart from the method generally used for WhatsApp backup, you can also back up any account you want by manually backing it up instantly.

We mostly use this option with people we chat with frequently to free up space on the phone. You can send shared photos, videos and correspondence in a compressed form via e-mail. Of course, you can send it not only by e-mail, but also to another Whatsapp account, Bip, notepad or other applications.

If the data is large when exporting a WhatsApp chat, mail drop on iPhone will be recommended when sending via e-mail. The warning here is too large to be sent by email and delivery using iCloud will be recommended. By clicking the “Use Mail Drop” button, you will be able to access the account related to the sharing for 30 days. After the data is downloaded to the computer, you can end the connection.

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How to Export WhatsApp Chat?

We will use this transfer in the backup process. It is an important feature to use especially when there is not enough space on the phone and you want to back up. Some save conversations by taking screenshots.

Let us note that the illustrated explanation of exporting the chat is done from iPhone. A Google Drive-like suggestion can be displayed on the data size in brands such as Samsung and Huawei.

  • Hover over the person to backup and swipe the screen from right to left.
  • Use “Other” option
  • “Export chat”
  • Select “Add media” or “Attach media” (attach includes images and videos, add only correspondence)
  • If mail has been set up on the phone, tap "Mail" from the suggested options.
  • Fill in the email address to be sent to and the required fields in the To section.
What does export WhatsApp chat mean? How to do it?
What does export WhatsApp chat mean? How to do it?
What is WhatsApp chat export?
How to export WhatsApp chat
Export WhatsApp chat
Export WhatsApp chat
export WhatsApp chat iphone
Send WhatsApp chat
Export WhatsApp messages
Send WhatsApp message via e-mail
Export WhatsApp messages to email
Send WhatsApp chat via email

For those who try to send the attachment, we should point out that data with a file size over 20 MB or 25 MB will not be sent this way. You either need to process without adding media or Drop will need to be used.

WhatsApp Chat Export Problem and Solutions

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications worldwide and a common tool for sharing chats, photos and videos between users. However, from time to time, WhatsApp users may face problems when they want to export their chats. In this article, we will discuss in detail what causes WhatsApp chat export problems and how they can be resolved.

WhatsApp Chat Export Problems: Causes

WhatsApp chat export problems can have various causes. Here are the most common reasons:

  1. Memory Problems:If your phone's internal storage is insufficient, the WhatsApp chat export process may be interrupted.
  2. Backup Problems:Backup files may be corrupted or missing when exporting WhatsApp chats.
  3. Updates:If your WhatsApp app or operating system is out of date, the export process may cause problems.
  4. Permissions:Problems may occur when you do not have the necessary permissions for WhatsApp's export process.

Solving WhatsApp Chat Export Issues:

  1. Check Storage Space:Check your phone's internal storage and make sure there is enough free space. If your storage space is full, delete unnecessary files or add an SD card to increase storage space.
  2. Backup Control:Make sure your WhatsApp backup files are OK. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup and check the latest backup. Create a backup again for missing or corrupt backup files.
  3. App Updates:Check and update WhatsApp and operating system updates. Updates can help fix problems.
  4. Check Permissions:Make sure WhatsApp has all the necessary permissions. You can check the permissions in Settings > Application manager or Applications > WhatsApp > Permissions.
  5. Connection Status:Make sure your internet connection is stable. Internet connection may be required for export.
  6. Alternative Methods:If you're still having problems, try a different export method. You can transfer your WhatsApp chat to a computer or use a different app or tool.

Things to Consider for WhatsApp Chat Export Problems:

  • First, make a backup and update your backup regularly.
  • Check and clear your phone's storage regularly.
  • Don't miss operating system and application updates.
  • Optimize storage space by deleting unnecessary apps or files.

This is the end of our topic called Export WhatsApp chat.

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