What does THY Anadolu jet card submission removal mean?

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What does THY Anadolu jet card submission removal mean? You must present your credit card for payment to be seen by our staff when boarding the plane. Do you accept? Afterwards, you are asked to tap the “Continue” or “Cancel” button. If you give up, you cannot buy the plane ticket. In other words, you do not confirm the flight ticket with your credit card.

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Another different exit situation may occur when you want to change your flight ticket. When you call customer services and want to pay the price difference when changing your ticket, you can be directed to the THY sales office with your card and ID.

These warnings can also be seen in PegOnur Air, Pegasus and SunExpress companies.

To answer your question about what card presentation means and how to remove it, you need to read the details below.

What does presenting a card mean when buying a flight ticket?

Card presentation is the security-related procedure for the approval of the credit card when purchasing a flight ticket. In short, since payment is not made with the credit card of the person who purchased the ticket, it is a process carried out to prevent unauthorized use of the card.

This may sometimes occur when a ticket is purchased with a credit card that does not belong to the passenger. When purchasing the ticket from the airline, the passenger is asked to show the credit card used. The process begins with the approval of the staff in charge.

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It's the first time it happens to me. I've bought tickets like this before and I've never encountered anything like this. Yes, there are many people who say this. We will talk about the reasons for going down. But we cannot say for sure that it is caused by these. Normally, workflows are like this.

For the question of why credit card presentation is required:

  • It may depend on the time you bought the ticket. Transactions made in the middle of the night can be seen as suspicious.
  • There may be moments when security is activated after frequent attempts when the warning "An unexpected technical error has occurred" appears during payment. Anything done frequently leads to restrictions, even in applications.
  • Such a warning may also appear if the card used for the transaction is disabled for online shopping or if there is a problem on the bank's side.
  • Trying to continue after the transaction cannot be completed for any reason.
  • Rejecting the card during payment and continuing with a different card.
  • The system is activated for precautionary purposes in transactions carried out at certain time intervals.

It is possible that it is related to one of these. However, we encountered a system error and after trying it frequently, it appeared when we operated with the browser. In short, there was a problem when purchasing tickets from the application and we kept trying. However, the problem existed in the application and we had to continue with the browser without insisting. Of course, we think it is related to this.

What does card presentment removal mean?
What does Anadolu Jet card submission removal mean? THY

How to remove card presentation?

To remove the card restriction, you either need to go to the airport with the passenger or you can make a transaction through the agency and you will not encounter such a problem. Otherwise, you can get help by contacting the sales offices and call center of the relevant airline.

While making transactions with the customer representative, we see that these warnings are redirected to sales points. Normally, as another suggestion, they should have said that you can submit your request by sending a fax or e-mail to this number with your card, ID information and petition. If the passenger is unable to go to the recommended places, such information should also be given.

We tried to answer your question about how to remove the Anatolian Jet card submission. You can use the customer service channel for different situations.

We think maybe one of the above will work for a credit card presentment solution. If the passenger insistently wants to go to the relevant places with the card and the card holder and the passenger are in different cities, we think that a support record can be created or they can both go to the authorized offices in their city and communicate from there.

Can card restrictions be lifted with a complaint?

If you live in an area where an alternative can normally be offered, you will most likely receive a negative response. However, in urgent cases and if there is no time left, it is possible for one of the officials to take the initiative and approve the transaction. We believe that there will be no problems with the approval of the chief or manager.

So, can the necessary documents be approved this way using WhatsApp? We think yes it could be. Again, this is possible with the initiative of an official.

Can't the box office staff who issue tickets take action? They can do it, but we don't know if they will do it. So we don't know if they will take this responsibility. Normally he can confirm it as if he had seen it. But if there are cases of card theft, then it can get into trouble.

Note: After receiving an error during payment, please go to the browser without trying again and again. If it doesn't work, don't do it and try it later. One of the additional things to do is to try it from different devices and internet connection. There is a possibility that security may have blocked these.

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