What Does WhatsApp Mean on Another Call?

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Have you encountered the WhatsApp video call another call error when you are in a group call or calling someone? We think many users are searching for what this means.

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We think you may encounter written complaints in some forums about this glitch, which has started to occur in recent years. Many of them write, "I think a friend may have blocked me." When we read many of them, we see that there are similar situations. In short, it may occur due to system or connection-related problems.

In our article, we will talk about the possible reasons. What you will try later will reveal which of these is the cause.

What Does Video Call Mean in Another Call?

The phrase “WhatsApp is on another call”, a frequently encountered expression among WhatsApp users, usually refers to a situation that the user encounters when he wants to make an audio or video call. In this case, the call cannot be made because the person the user wants to transact with is already making another call.

It is a message stating that the person you are calling is currently on a video call with someone else. However, some may encounter problems. In other words, the caller can receive this message even though the person is not actually talking to anyone.

When you look at the complaints, according to the other party, it is stated that there was no meeting with anyone. When this happens, the caller may wonder if he/she is doing something intentional and say "I can't call." Some of them may ask if he/she might have blocked me.

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In short, we can say that the answer to the question "What does WhatsApp mean in another call" is that it is one of the instantaneous glitches.

Why Does It Show Up in Another Search?

  1. They may be on multiple calls at the same time. WhatsApp does not allow a user to make more than one call at a time. However, additions can be made to the discussions. So, when you receive a call while someone is already on a call, you may encounter the “WhatsApp is on another call” warning.
  2. Network connection problems may occur. A bad internet connection or signal weakness can cause WhatsApp calls to fail and receive a “WhatsApp is on another call” warning.
  3. He may actually be seeing someone else.
  4. The version of the application is too old or is causing problems.
  5. Another application on the device causes this. (A similar application or a different application causes a conflict)
  6. No updates have been made.
  7. Failure to use the phone due to the wrong date.
  8. There may be other sessions open. We recommend throwing these at the exit.
WhatsApp another call
What does WhatsApp mean on another call?

How to Solve in Another Search?

First of all, we recommend that you try changing the internet connection. For example, if it appears when using WiFi, try it with mobile data. Of course, switch between them as well. So, if it appears while using LTE, also switch to 3G. Then restart the device and try. Depending on the situation, you also check the following.

  • Make sure all updates have been made.
  • Perform a power test on the network side and your connection. For example, use only 3G that day.
  • Some features of the device and application may not work due to date errors.
  • Maybe there is something wrong on the account side. Log out of the session and log in again.
  • You can try it on the web version or the Windows 10 / Windows 11 app.
  • Don't wait and try again. In this situation, try making the call by waiting or trying again after a while. In most cases, you can call again after the person ends the current call.
  • Before making a call, make sure your internet connection is strong and your signal is stable. A good Wi-Fi or mobile data connection makes calls more successful.
  • If possible, contact the person you want to call via another communication channel and let them know that it is a convenient time to call.
  • Use the latest version of your WhatsApp app to ensure that potential bugs and incompatibilities on the platform are fixed.

Check if you can make any changes in the profile section of the application. There may be a temporary problem. Or you may have been sanctioned due to a penalty. If you cannot make a change in this area, these may come to your mind.

Before I forget, calls can be made without any problems by terminating the open sessions.

WhatsApp online shutdown 2
WhatsApp video call another call error

Coming to the summary of the problem, what is happening now is perhaps just a temporary problem and it will resolve itself after a few minutes. Therefore, we think it would be a healthier way to wait.

This is the information required for WhatsApp another call error. You can request help for application or account side problems.

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