What is Android Recovery Mode? How to Enter and Exit?

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What is Android recovery mode and what should be done if Recovery mode does not open is one of the questions asked by more or less mobile device users.

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For those who are wondering what the "Recovery mod" is, which many of them come across vaguely, we will also talk about how to use this mode in our article. 

What Does Android Recovery Mode Mean?

It is one of the important sections for Android. In this mode, important operations are performed for the device. One of these is the section that contains the steps to be taken for recovery in case of a problem with the device. "Hard reset", a commonly known term, can be accessed from this section. It is the most frequently used method on phones and tablets that do not turn on. It is also the most preferred section among the forgotten screen locks.

Recovery mode is not a term specific to Android. You may also encounter this term on computers and some devices. With this method, computers are returned to the first day the laptop was purchased, so to speak. Once you are infected with the virus, you are completely cleared. Unlocked phones can be turned on. Devices that have problems due to software problems can return to normal.

In short, we cannot finish counting the benefits of this mode. We can call it a lifeline. Logging into this section can mostly be done using the same method. This situation is often the same for the same brand.

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Android Recovery Mode: Fix Problems and Recover the Device

The Android operating system can annoy users from time to time due to various problems. Android Recovery Mode comes into play from time to time in case of problems. Here we will provide you with comprehensive information on what Android Recovery Mode is, how to access it and how you can fix common problems.

1. What is Android Recovery Mode?

Android Recovery Mode is a special recovery environment that allows users to perform operations such as troubleshooting system issues and resetting their devices to factory settings. It is often used on Android devices in situations such as software updates, bad application installations or system errors.

2. How to Access Android Recovery Mode?

To access Android Recovery Mode, you can usually follow these steps:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Usually, press and hold the “Power” key and then turn on the device by pressing the “Volume Down” or “Volume Up” key.
  • Navigate the menu with the volume keys until you reach the “Recovery” option.
  • Usually press the “Power” key to select the “Recovery” option.

3. What are the Basic Functions of Android Recovery Mode?

Android Recovery Mode allows you to perform the following basic operations:

  • System Update and Recovery: Allows system updates or restoring previous state before creating a backup.
  • Cache Clearing: It can improve performance by clearing the system cache.
  • Factory Reset: Returns the device to factory settings and deletes all data.

4. Solving Common Problems with Android Recovery Mode:

  • Boot Loop Problem: If the device constantly starts up, you can solve it by doing a factory reset from Recovery Mode.
  • Slow Performance: You can improve system performance by clearing the cache.
  • Freezing Problems: You can clean the device and try to fix freezing problems by doing a factory reset.

5. Things to Consider:

  • It is important to make a backup before factory reset as it will delete all user data.
  • Be careful to avoid accidentally deleting important files.

How to Enter Android Recovery Mode?

There are three methods depending on the brands. One of these provides entry into this mode. If recovery mode does not open, pay attention to the phone charge. If there is a software error, it may not enter this section. Apart from this, producer blocking may occur.

  1. Phone volume down, menu and phone power on keys
  2. Volume up, menu and power buttons
  3. By simultaneously pressing the volume down and device power on buttons 

Release the keys when you see the logo or text on the screen. Then, use the volume keys to select the option you want to make. Confirmation is made with the power or menu keys. For details, see our article on how to perform a hard reset.

In this section, you may also encounter the “Apply Update From ADB” and “Apple Update From Ext” options. When installing software, you can install the software via SD card or with the program installed on the computer. That is, starting the ROM flashing process.

What is Android recovery mode and how to enter and exit it?
What is Android recovery mode?

How to Turn on Samsung Recovery Mode?

In Samsung models, it is usually opened with the volume up, menu and power keys. Then, the reset can be done by selecting the option called WiFi data. There is also a software installation section here.

The mode is turned on by pressing and holding these buttons for 5 or 10 seconds. Robot and error that is! If you encounter the icon, you will either have to repeat the same steps or there are problems with the software.

Huawei and Xiaomi  recovery mode , try the volume up and phone power buttons again. But our first suggestion is that you perform the operation through the devices' own software. Some Android Nokia recovery modes can also be accessed with the same process.

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