What is Emergency SOS? How to Use on iPhone?

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In this topic, we explained what Emergency SOS is and how it is used.

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Apple introduced an important feature to its users with iOS 11. When your phone is lost or you have an accident, you can automatically call 112 and the contacts you have added to the emergency department with the emergency sos application.

Apple,Emergency SOSreleased its application with iOS 11 version. This feature can automatically call emergency services or people you specify.

Emergency SOS application can call hospital / 112, fire brigade 110, police 155 or the person you assign. For example, if you have had an accident and are not able to talk, when you press and hold the power button 5 times, the designated places will be searched automatically.

Another beauty of the application is that it automatically sends a message alert to the people attached to the emergency call when the emergency call is not ended. It also conveys the current location to people.

What is Emergency SOS?Meaning, Usage and Importance

Emergency SOS is a feature of modern smartphones, especially iPhones, that includes security and the function of calling for help in emergency situations. In this article, we will comprehensively cover the meaning of Emergency SOS, how to use it, and why this feature is important.

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What is Emergency SOS?

Emergency SOS is a feature designed to quickly and effectively call for help in an emergency. This feature allows users to automatically send notifications to local emergency services or pre-determined emergency contacts in the event of an emergency. Emergency SOS includes a number of security features and is designed to increase the security of your phone.

How to Use Emergency SOS?

To use Emergency SOS on your iPhone or similar smartphone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Lock Your Phone:You don't need to unlock your phone to use Emergency SOS. Quickly lock your phone using one or a combination of the buttons at the top or side of the screen.
  2. Enable Emergency SOS:To enable Emergency SOS, before unlocking you, you can bring up the Emergency SOS screen by pressing the side button and volume down button simultaneously on iPhone X or later models, or by pressing the side button five consecutive times on other models.
  3. Call for Assistance or Notify Emergency Contacts:When the Emergency SOS screen opens, you can call local emergency services or send notifications to pre-designated emergency contacts by tapping the “Call Emergency Assistance” button.

Why is Emergency SOS Important?

The importance of Emergency SOS can be summarized as follows:

  1. Calling for Quick Assistance:Emergency SOS allows you to quickly call for help in unexpected emergencies. This can be lifesaving, especially in the event of medical emergencies or dangerous situations.
  2. Sharing Location Information:Emergency SOS allows you to automatically share your location to local emergency services. This helps rescue teams find you quickly.
  3. Personal Security:Emergency SOS improves personal safety and helps users protect themselves from dangerous situations. It contributes to the rapid handling of emergency situations.
  4. Notification to Predefined Emergency Contacts:Emergency SOS provides the option to send urgent notifications to pre-determined contacts. This provides the ability to notify family members or close friends in an emergency.

Emergency SOS has become a life-saving feature with modern smartphones. Knowing this feature can help you get help quickly and effectively in an emergency. Learning to use Emergency SOS on your phone is a way to increase your personal safety and better manage emergencies.

A service that Apple introduced with the iOS 11 update to call designated contacts and alert them via message in case of emergency. Most of them nowiPhoneThe user either does not use this application or does not know about it.

What is Emergency SOS? How to use it on iPhone?
What is Emergency SOS? How to Use on iPhone?
What is Emergency SOS?
How to Use Emergency SOS?

How to Use Emergency SOS? How to Open Emergency SOS?

Emergency SOS activation settings: After entering Settings / Emergency SOS in this section, enter your personal information and health information. The directory will open as you add people to the ED. From here, it will ask you to select the person and then the degree of closeness. You can add more than one person. You can then delete, add or change contacts with the edit option.

How to use Emergency SOS? After adding the relevant contacts in the emergency section, the feature will be activated when you press and hold the power button of your iPhone 5 times in a row. www.andronova.net

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We explained step by step what Emergency SOS is and how to use it.

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