What is OTA, what does it mean and what does it do?

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The process of installing new updates on Android phones from the update section in the settings of the device is called OTA. Where to update via OTA?

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As technology developed and it became easier to access this technology, everyone started to benefit from the most advanced technology. It is now possible to see touch phones, which were once used only by young people, in middle-aged and elderly people. In order to continue using phones, which are becoming more like a human organ day by day, it is necessary to download updates sent by the company from time to time and required to be installed. You need to install these system updates to ensure that your phone's speed does not decrease and that you can use newly released applications. For this, you need an internet connection or Wifi network that you can use through your phone's network.

How to use OTA? OTA updateIt is necessary to pay attention to some points before doing this. Some of these are that the phone has a sufficient charge level, there is no problem with the internet connection, the internet speed is not low, and a backup of the phone has been made before.

Update via OTA

What is OTA?What does OTA mean? OTA Update, one of the update types, means updating the phone without needing any internet connection. When the update is to be made, a notification will appear on the phone and when you click on this notification, you will be asked to perform the OTA Update. However, there is a point you should pay attention to here. Your phone must have at least fifty percent charge. Otherwise, if the download speed is low, your phone's update may be interrupted and the phone may become unusable.

What is OTA, what does it mean and what does it do?

How to do OTA update? You can do it in settings / about device / software updates. If you wish, you can use the device's official software update program on a Mac or Windows computer.

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What is the OTA file size? Although the size of updates is generally not very large, the size of system updates is between five hundred MB and one GB. When downloading these updates, the company generally does not force you to use which link to use. These updates are used on smartphones, Smart TV, computers and tablets.

  • For those who will upgrade with mobile data, it is recommended that automatic updates are not turned on.
  • It is recommended to enable quota application on the device.
  • Backup may be recommended before starting the process.
  • Incompatibility may occur between the relevant version and the application version. In such cases, analyze the situation, uninstall the application, upgrade, and then try to install it again if it is important.
  • If the update is not made, the date may be incorrect, the connection is insufficient, and there may be issues related to the session.
  • When those who initiate the process via Wi-Fi encounter problems, it may be necessary to define DNS, turn off the modem and temporarily disable the firewall.

Update Date: June 13, 2020, 18:31

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