What is Pin Puk code? How to learn Sim card Puk Pin code?

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What is pin code? What is PUK code? I forgot the pin code of my sim card? I forgot my PUK code? How to find Pin and Puk information of Turkcell GSM operator? In our news…

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Pin 1 home, operators (Türk Telekom / Avea, Vodafone andTurkcellIt is a 4-digit encryption technology created for the security of SIM cards issued by.

Going through phone settingspin homeYou can activate or deactivate it. If the pin code is on, it will ask for the pin password every time you turn on the phone. If you enter the pin code incorrectly 3 times, the pin will be blocked and it will request PUK 1 code. Puk 1 code is an 8-digit password to open SIM cards whose pin code is blocked. If this code is entered incorrectly 10 times, the SIM card will be blocked and the SIM card cannot be used anymore. So the sim card needs to be changed.

Pin 2 home, is a password created to prevent access to some menus of the mobile phone for security reasons. This password consists of 4 digits. If the password is entered incorrectly 3 times, pin 2 is locked and puk 2 is activated.

Knock 2 code, pin 2 is the 8-digit password used to open the blocked SIM card. If the puk 2 code is blocked, some parts of the sim card cannot be accessed. So you can use the line. Sections that require only pin 2 code cannot be entered.

What is Pin Puk code? How to learn Sim card Puk Pin code?

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What is the Turk Telekom / Avea, Vodafone and Turkcell Pin Puk code? How to learn Sim card Puk Pin code?

What is Pin Puk code? Sim card Puk

We can say that Turkcell GSM operator is the most used telephone line in our country. Considering the number of mobile phone subscribers and mobile phone users, our country is at the top of the world rankings. In this news, you will find information about what you can do in case the phone line does not open due to entering the wrong pin code repeatedly, which is one of the problems faced by Turkcell subscribers.

As we mentioned above, people using Turkcell lines and other lines have their lines locked because they enter their pin codes incorrectly 3 times. PUK code is needed to unlock the locked pin code. Below we will explain how you can find out your PUK code from Turkcell GSM operator.

To find out the Puk and Pin code of your Turkcell line: Turkcell company offers you several different methods; First, you can get information about this by calling Turkcell customer services.

Turkcell customer services number is 444 0 532. You can receive your puk code when you provide the correct personal information requested from you.

If you cannot do it with the above process, you can get your puk code from the puk code section of the Turkcell Online Transaction Center to get your pin code. If you do not have a password to log in to Turkcell Online Transaction Center, type SIFRE and send it to 2222. Enter the SuperPassword sent as a message.

To learn the pin code and puk code for Türk Telekom / AveaYou can find out after passing the security verification by calling customer services: 444 1 500.

To find out pin code and puk code for VodafoneYou can find out by calling customer services at 542 from Vodafone and 0 (542) 542 00 00 to call from landline or other operators.

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