What is Samsung Money? How to Get It?

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What is Samsung Money: Details about Samsung's new generation payment system card, Money, have begun to emerge. It made an agreement with two important payment systems and let's see what it is...

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It was known that Samsung company had started a study on the cash payment system some time ago. Recently, it officially announced and shared the details called Samsung Money. It is stated that the company, which is trying to undertake studies that will rival Apple, will launch its new service with Samsung Pay.

The company has made a cooperation agreement with MasterCard and Sofi and no account management fees or usage fees will be charged on the card.

What is Samsung Money?

Samsung Money is a product offered by Samsung in the field of financial services. This financial service is designed to meet users' daily financial needs by offering them a variety of banking features and benefits. Here are the key features and benefits of Samsung Money:

1. Convenience of Mobile Banking: Samsung Money is a digital wallet application that offers mobile banking services. Users can carry out their financial transactions, check their balances and track their account movements from anywhere at any time.

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2. Accounts and Cards: Samsung Money accounts offer users all the features found in a traditional account. Additionally, with the Samsung Money Debit Card, users can easily shop and withdraw money from ATMs.

3. High Interest Rates: Samsung Money accounts allow users to utilize their savings by offering high interest rates. This helps users increase their savings.

4. Free ATM Use: Samsung Money users can use ATMs within the MoneyPass network free of charge. This provides an additional advantage for users who want to meet their cash needs.

5. Security and Protection: Samsung Money is equipped with security measures and protects users' financial information. Additionally, there are various protection measures to secure accounts in case of loss or theft.

6. Spending Analysis: Users can analyze their spending in detail through the Samsung Money application. These analyzes provide users with valuable information on budget planning.

7. Strong Collaborations: Samsung Money offers advantages to users with strong collaborations in the field of financial services. Advantages such as special offers, discounts and cashback opportunities can be offered exclusively to Samsung Money users.

Samsung Money is a comprehensive financial solution that allows users to manage their daily financial affairs quickly, securely and conveniently. Mobile banking enriches the financial experience of users by offering them various advantages with features such as high interest rates, free ATM use and security.

How to Get Samsung Money?

It can be purchased from the Samsung Pay application and can also be used through different channels. With the agreement, more than 55 thousand ATMs will be put into use. The expected release date may be the last quarter of this year. Of course, nothing is clear yet due to the virus.

Money features:

  • Samsung physical card system will soon turn into a cash payment method. 
  • Free ownership and no usage fee will be charged.
  • Reward feature such as gift points for purchases from contracted places.
  • Support for multiple ATMs.
  • The card number is not included.
  • New security feature.
  • New generation card system.

Another development is that Google is also working on the new generation card system. It seems that many technology companies are turning to this type of work. We can say that this means there are alternatives to payment systems. Before I forget, it is said that a Huawei-like study is being carried out for the card that Google plans to release. It is known that many theories have been developed for the digital money era with the emergence of the virus, and we think that many important companies have carried out R&D studies accordingly.  

What is Samsung Money and how to get it
What is Samsung Money?

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