What is MAC address? How to find iPhone MAC?

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Learning the Mac address on a computer, laptop, tablet, modem and mobile phone varies. As an example, we showed you the steps in our article on learning the Mac address on an iPhone.

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MAC address serves to represent the network hardware of a device in a virtual network.
For example, your mobile phone, tablet device, computer and modem each have a unique MAC address. The Mac address helps identify physical network hardware. Your Mac address is an information data encoded by the manufacturer that is connected to the wired virtual network card of your mobile phone, tablet device and computer. The network is shared by a special address for each hardware. At the same time, there are not many network devices that have a MAC address. The Mac address consists of 6 socket sections. The first 3 sockets indicate the company that makes the hardware. The steps you can take to find out the Mac address of your mobile phone are very easy. Go to the settings section of the phone. On some phones, it is located in the general tab of the Settings section and when you scroll down, we click on the tab that says About phone information. From here, when you select the hardware information option, you will see the MAC address of the phone and you can learn your current real address information.

The MAC address, which is the 12-character physical address used by devices that can connect to a business network, whether it is a computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or similar virtual network, is called the media access address. MAC address is used to control the speed of all data flow on the network for individuals. It helps a computer recognize all connected device network hardware on your network.

Learning Windows MAC address

You can find it in the control panel / Network and sharing center / links on the right (click on the wi-fi network) / details / physical address section.

What is MAC address? How to find iPhone MAC?

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How to find out Mac address via IP address? 

1-) Go to the Settings section on your phone.
2-) Enter the section about phone information.
3-) On the screen that opens, you can easily find out the current IP address and MAC address information of your phone.

iPhone Mac learning : For all iPhone models, you can look at “iPhone x, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7” settings / about / wi-fi address . Some sections here are device specific information. Pay attention to this.

How to find out iPhone Mac address?

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