What is Turkcell BiP WEB and how to use it

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A new feature from Turkcell has reached its users. The Web version of the BiP application has now been published. BiP can be used from a computer, tablet or mobile phone browser. So what is BiP?

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BiPWhat is the web?TurkcellA web version has been added to BIP, the messaging application of . You can now use BIP from your computer. The new feature is currently in use.

On BiP web, you can continue messaging on your computer or any device's web browser, even if your mobile phone is turned off. It is also possible to send videos and photos.

According to a statement made by Turkcell General Manager Terzioğlu, a local messaging application was developed to keep Turkey's data in Turkey. The most advanced techniques are used for security in the BiP application. In addition to fast messaging, it is also possible to transfer files. So how does BiP web work?

How to use BiP WEB?

  • First, if the Bip application is not installed on your Android / iPhone phone, install it.
  • Via browser (Internet Explorer, Molzilla, Google Chrome and Safari) from computer or mobile devicesbipweb.comenter the website.
  • Open the BiP application on your phone and tap the profile icon below. From the opening "BiP Web” tap.
  • Scan the QR code on the computer screen.

Another statement from Turkcell is that work is currently being done on the BiP Web video calling feature and it will be available to users soon. BiP Web will be included in voice call and video call discovery services.

How to use BiP WEB?What is Turkcell BiP WEB and how to use it

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What is Turkcell BiP WEB?

To log out of BiP Web, simply click on the three dots at the top and then log out.

How does BiP WEB work? Logout

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