What is Yandex Alisa and how to use it

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The artificial intelligence assistant called Alisa, which has added significant prestige to the application with a feature added to Yandex's Navigation application, has been launched in Turkey. How to use?

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Alisa, the name of the assistant introduced in Yandex's Navigation application. To use it, all you have to do is open the application and click on Alisa. Meanwhile, Yandex smart assistant has been launched in Turkey. There is no need to download Alisa to use Alisa.

Alisa, the advanced assistant with artificial intelligence launched by Yandex in May this year, has added a different atmosphere to the Yandex Navigation application.

With the application, which has many capabilities, it provides information such as traffic, road, address and location, as well as information such as weather and route, to its users. You can also chat with the assistant.

The application was put into service in Turkey immediately after it was published in Russia. The assistant shows nearby pharmacies on duty, heavy traffic information and important places of the city on the map.

The fact that the investment made in Alisa was presented in our country without delay is an indication of how much importance they attach to the Turkish market.

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Yandex AlisaHow to use?

What is Alisa?After answering what it means, we will now give brief information about its use. You have to say “Alisa” to use it. You need to repeat this word every time you want to ask a question. When you get the answer to your question, if you want to ask something again, you have to say his name again.

  • To use Alisa, first download Yandex Navigation to your phone.
  • Allow location
  • Allow the microphone
  • You need to allow notifications
  • Then you have to say Alisa in every call

That's it, and the site will display the address information and map of the place you are looking for. It also makes audible notifications.

What is Yandex Alisa and how to use it

How to use Yandex Alisa?

What does Yandex Alisa mean?

Yandex navigation Alisa download

yandex alisa usage

Update Date: December 30, 2019, 14:29

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