What Should I Do If 20 Business Days Pass?

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The first thing that a user who wonders if the repair period for a defective tablet or mobile phone is 20 working days and what to do if this period is exceeded, will not be to file a petition.

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We will list for you the steps to be taken by those who say that the repair period has expired for 20 working days. What should I do? In such cases, we will share all the details about how the legal process works and how to make requests such as device replacement and money refund.

There are people who want to write a petition regarding the issue. Of course, naturally, since they are not fully familiar with how the process works, they cannot fully predict which path to follow.

In terms of service, the support network of Apple's products used to be the best and it mostly satisfied its customers. In fact, in case of major malfunctions, he would decide to replace the device when it was sent to the service several times for the same problem. Of course, when this was abused over time, they had to implement stricter policies. The products that have Apple service support in our country are Airpods, iPad, Mac, iMac and iPhone. Authorized service may vary, but as far as we know, they are Genpa and KVK depending on the region.

What Does 20 Business Days Mean?

20 Business days is the number of days, not including Sundays, counted from the receipt of the defective product sent to the service. It starts with the delivery of the cargo and ends after it is shipped again. Of course, if there has been no change in recent years, this process works like this. Below you will find the actions you will take as a result of the time period for the legal process to be processed and the decision returned to you.

Technical services mostly have the same workflows and legal regulations apply to all of them.

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20 business days generally represent typical business days in a month. A business day is generally considered to be the business days in the week and usually includes the days between Monday and Friday. So 20 business days usually represents the bulk of a month.

Why 20 Business Days?

This process measurement is used in planning many projects and tasks in business because months typically consist of 4-5 weeks and 20 business days cover most of a month. This time period is a useful tool for tracking the progress of a project, evaluating progress towards achieving goals, and measuring performance.

20 Business Days Calculation:

20 business days is generally calculated assuming 5 business days per week. In this case, 20 business days is calculated as follows: 5 business days/week x 4 weeks/month = 20 business days.

20 Working Days in Project Management:

In project management, 20 business days can be used to set time frames such as completion of a particular phase of a project, achievement of a goal, or completion of a task. With this time measurement, project managers and teams organize the project's schedule and track progress.

Importance of 20 Business Days:

20 business days plays an important role in many planning and measurement processes in business. It is used in many areas such as business processes, project management, performance evaluations and goal setting. This period is a standard reference point for many organizations in the business world.

Apple Device That Cannot Be Repaired Within 20 Business Days

The process can be handled in two different ways: guaranteed and non-guaranteed devices. For the product whose warranty has expired, the decision must be made according to the decision of the service or the user after the time has expired. It can eliminate the concept of time on both sides. Or the product can be returned. The product owner cannot make any claims because he waited for this business day. But he can file a legal complaint for returns that take a long time and are not made.

If the working day expires for the guaranteed product;

  • Additional time may be requested
  • When time expires, a device replacement request can be created
  • Refunds can be processed
  • The user may request a replacement for the product sent for the 4th time.

These requests are created by calling customer service. If the company has not fulfilled its responsibility, an application can be made to the Consumer Arbitration Committee. Afterwards, if desired, court action can be taken. You will be asked for the invoice of the device and a service form, if available.

Refund and Device Replacement

Invoices, accessories and other existing products may be requested when requesting a refund or exchange. It usually happens this way. So what to do if there is a missing product? The decision is made according to the action taken at that time. In other words, there are processes such as deducting the refund from the amount to be paid, and only giving the device for the new product.

  • Requests are received at the call center. The received request is submitted to the center and the approval process begins.
  • If the result is positive, the missing items are requested to be sent to the service (such as invoice and accessories).
  • For a refund, IBAN is requested and an estimated time for payment is given.
  • If there is a change, if there is nothing missing, it will be sent if they have it, otherwise it will be requested from the manufacturer (This varies depending on the total number of users).
What should I do if 20 business days pass?
What Should I Do If 20 Business Days Pass?
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