WhatsApp cannot connect new device right now error

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We recently encountered the error "Whatsapp cannot connect to a new device at the moment" on the computer. We tried many times in a row, but the same screen appeared.

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Many WhatsApp users use the WhatsApp application on their computers, like us, for the convenience of doing business. However, for the last month we have been experiencing freezing problems when we receive messages from time to time. When we enter the chat area after the other party sends a message, the screen freezes for a while. We think it's related to the version we use. To test it, we switched to the beta version of Windows 10 and started testing it. After switching to beta, when we wanted to scan the QR code from the device, we encountered the problem that the new device cannot be connected.

In the rest of our article, we will try to explain the solution to the error WhatsApp cannot currently connect to a new device. The operations are valid for Windows 11 system.

WhatsApp new device cannot connect error

The warning we receive is valid for both the web version and the application version. Even though the first things that come to mind are computer-related reasons, there will also be things that need to be done from the mobile side.

WhatsApp cannot currently connect to a new device, it appeared while operating from the connected devices section in the settings of the application on the phone. The problem seems to be a code reading error, but the problem is that it does not allow different devices due to the session remaining open.

The possibilities that may cause the WhatsApp cannot connect message are as follows:

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  • A situation where a new session is not allowed due to the session remaining open on the computer you are trying to perform a transaction on. Normally, when you look, there is no open session, but there is a possibility that it may be seen as open on the application's servers.
  • Multiple sessions remaining open on the same systems. These should be called browser and application.
  • There is a possibility that there may be a problem with the browser or application you are using.
  • Access permissions related to your camera need to be checked.
  • The version on the phone and the PC are not compatible.
  • It is more likely to occur in beta versions.
  • You are perceived as suspicious by the system.
  • You have reached multiple WhatsApp numbers.
  • Activation of security software installed on your computer or phone.

We have a long list like this. Of course, your computer needs to be infected with a virus and external factors need to be examined.

WhatsApp new device now 1
WhatsApp cannot connect new device right now error

What to do if WhatsApp cannot connect

What you need to do for the warning is basically listed above. Only by trying will you understand what went wrong.

The most important step for testing is to close the WhatsApp application on both your computer and your phone. Our other suggestion is to restart both systems, depending on the situation.

Systems that remain open for long periods of time sometimes cause problems. Therefore, turning it off and on often provides a solution.

We also recommend checking for updates and subsequently installed applications because the same warnings constantly appear. There is a possibility that subsequently installed applications may cause conflicts. This possibility always exists, especially for outdated applications.

WhatsApp is currently on new device 2
WhatsApp new device cannot connect problem

Our first suggestion for those who constantly encounter the same screen when you press the connect button is to close WhatsApp on both sides.

WhatsApp is currently on new device 3
WhatsApp cannot currently connect device

Check app version compatibility

For a long time, the incompatibility of old devices has bothered many users. It is one of the most disliked issues of those who buy a device and use it for many years. The innovations introduced always reveal more powerful hardware and force it to surpass.

You need to check compatibility from both your computer and mobile side. Another problem that arises in old systems is security problems. There is a possibility that systems that are not deemed secure may not be allowed to connect. It is necessary to try different methods for testing.

WhatsApp device cannot connect problem

This title is a bit relative. So it can be used outside the main title as well. For example, the problem of not connecting the application to mobile is the subject of this title. However, it is known that many chronic causes in the past were system-related. So, maybe our topic is also related to common mistakes.

In addition to the above, it is definitely necessary to investigate whether anyone else has such a thing. Maybe there is a malfunction in the Windows version of WhatsApp or its systems.

Don't forget that the disruptions caused by the applications and updates you installed later will also cause this. System restore must be run on computers that receive such a warning for any device connection.

Finally, before attempting anything regarding the WhatsApp device cannot connect problem, possible reasons need to be checked.

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