WhatsApp could not be downloaded, please request it to be sent to you again

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Have you also encountered the error "WhatsApp could not be downloaded, please ask for it to be sent to you again"? Problems may occur in popular applications due to high usage rates over time. There is a possibility that the situation we mentioned in the title may have arisen due to this. We will talk about possible solutions in our content.

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Whatsapp application, which can be used on devices with Android and iOS operating systems, may give errors such as download failed, installation could not be completed and try again when sending instant photos and videos. Although this problem is usually caused by internet connection problems, it may also be due to different reasons.

In general, the reasons for these problems in file transfers are poor network connection, connection interruptions and network related issues. The first step to troubleshoot the problem is to check if there is a problem with the network connection. If the problem is caused by this reason, you can reset your network connection or try to solve the problem by using a different network connection.

If your problem is not caused by the internet, another possibility is that it is a general problem experienced in the application. As you know, Facebook and WhatsApp are two big applications that are interconnected. In case of problems that occur due to user density (such as application crashes), work can be done on some servers to solve the problems that occur on the servers. The so-called unplanned situation occurs and sometimes the official announcement is made too late.

Users who log in from these servers during operation encounter errors such as "The video/photo could not be downloaded, please request it to be sent to you again". There is nothing the user can do in case of server-related errors; they must wait for the problem to be resolved.

If you are the only one experiencing a problem with the server, you can get rid of the problem by changing your IP address with the help of a VPN. We can also fix the error we encounter by restarting your phone. However, as we mentioned, if the problem is general and caused by the server, you need to wait.

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WhatsApp could not be downloaded error

Why does WhatsApp fail to download?

This problem occurs frequently in WhatsApp and Facebook applications. These applications, which have billions of users, may experience crashes due to density. If the application crashes, this error you encounter will be reflected on all users. Sometimes, application errors occur in certain regions and people. This is because there is maintenance/configuration work on the servers where that region and users are located. In both cases, it is necessary to wait for the problem to be resolved. Whatsapp could not be downloaded, please request it to be sent again, try again, and the reasons for the photo/video cannot be loaded errors are:

  • The application encounters an unexpected malfunction,
  • The update may have been released and there may be a glitch,
  • Problems within the country or abroad,
  • Error due to network connection or your internet quota being full,
  • Server-related error or application crash,
  • Excessive slowing of speed,
  • Obstruction due to suspicious behavior,
  • The error may occur due to insufficient phone RAM.

We can extend this list. However, we have prepared the logic for your understanding. For those wondering how to solve it, we add our suggestions below.

WhatsApp could not be downloaded solution

It would be a better way to research on Google what to do before attempting something.

While investigating whether others have it, we definitely recommend that you talk to people living in different provinces. This way you can clarify whether it is regional or not. Then follow the steps below.

  • Internet connection needs to be tested. It may also be necessary to try with other connections.
  • Minor disruptions may occur if the phone's date is incorrect.
  • Not having enough space may cause problems. Even if it seems like there is, still make space.
  • If you have not turned off your device for a long time, definitely turn it off, wait and then turn it on.
  • We recommend that you try it via the web and computer application.
  • You can also try your account from another device.
  • It needs to be tested with more than one person. If possible, send files in different formats. Or, if you have tried videos and photos, try them in different formats.
  • When you enter the applications area of ​​the device, tap the option labeled "WhatsApp" and run the ones in the area that will open. (Removing data…) It can work on Samsung-style Android systems.
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it. If it is still the same, try older WhatsApp versions. Maybe we'll test the possibility that an update caused this.
WhatsApp died 2
download failed solution

Our last suggestion is to report a possible malfunction on the account side. You may have been penalized and the use of some features may have been restricted for a certain period of time.

It is possible for all systems to be blocked as a result of excessive behavior. However, in some cases, meaningless texts may appear on the screen. These are the system's ready-made texts and can sometimes display a similar warning when classification is difficult. Or the system may perceive it that way.

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