WhatsApp could not be delivered because this media is not available

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We have been encountering the WhatsApp delivery failure error from time to time lately. This is because the pdf or word docx file is intended to be sent without downloading.

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WhatsApp application is causing discomfort because of this media unavailability problem. A situation that is not immediately obvious becomes apparent when you poke around a little. The situation here may occur when you try to send the sent file without downloading it or when you want to open it by editing. You will see a download sign in the sample pdf file. If this icon appears, it means that the file has not been downloaded to the phone.

WhatsApp could not be delivered error, this media is not available

For large shares, downloading may take a long time depending on the speed of your connection and the hardware of the device. When a person wants to take action urgently, he/she encounters an error message when he/she does not expect it. However, most of the time, since the download icon or file is not touched, anything that has not downloaded cannot be manipulated.

WhatsApp could not be deliveredHere are a few options you should try if you get the "because this media is not available" error:

  • Check that the download is completed.
  • Beware of internet problems. If frequent transactions are made, it may be blocked and the problem can be solved with another connection.
  • The operation can be carried out without any problems by turning the phone off and on or by deleting something due to lack of space.
  • Switching to 3G internet connection may provide a solution.
  • For temporary or frequent problems, it may be recommended to wait without doing anything.

We think the above will help. We recommend those who continue to verify and test their account on another phone. In other words, do not delete WhatsApp from the current device, it can only be tested by installing it on another device and sending a verification SMS.

In another case, such a situation may be encountered by all or some of the users. This means that it appeared due to the server or an update. Of course, if the incoming file was deleted by the other party before the person downloaded it, it is possible for such a situation to arise.

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WhatsApp could not be delivered because this media is not available
WhatsApp could not be delivered because this media is not available

WhatsApp could not be transmitted because this media is not available solution

The main reason why we receive the above warning is that the incoming file is tried to be sent without downloading. When you want to share it with someone, the structure that does not allow it must first download to your phone. If it still causes problems even after you download it, know that it means something is wrong at that moment. It can be seen by all users or those in a certain region.

Possible reasons we can think of are:

  • You want to send to someone else what was sent to you. However, it is not possible to send it before the download is completed.
  • If what you want to send is not opened automatically, tap the download icon and send it after downloading.
  • Try connecting to a different internet connection.
  • Those who try to download it many times should take a break and try it. Depending on the situation, it may be useful to restart the phone.
  • Clear the cache and data of the phone and app.
  • Log out of WhatsApp and verify again.

Those who receive a delivery failure error for Android

When you enter the applications, tap WhatsApp and try the options one by one. After tapping each option, tap the other and test it.

Other suggestions are to uninstall and reinstall the app, try the previous version of the app, and check the permissions of the app.

Examination of practical problems

From time to time, there are problems caused by updates. Of course, the underlying reason for the WhatsApp delivery failure warning is the internet, free space problem, date error and problems within the application itself.

In case of any malfunction, first the connection, then the application and device test must be performed. When you go to the applications section in the application, especially on the Android side, the options in the WhatsApp content need to be run. Example of trying to uninstall an update.

WhatsApp could not be sent because this media problem occurs again and again, try again by changing the sending method.

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