What is WhatsApp reminder feature Any .do?

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Before asking the question of how to use WhatsApp reminder Any.do, let's consider the explanation of what Any.do is. The application of a company that made an agreement with WhatsApp was put into service.

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WhatsApp , a new feature appeared on both iPhone and Android. Of course, we should point out that this is a paid feature. The latest user version of reminder , whose integration work continues in the background, The new feature was made available via “Any.do”. what is WhatsApp reminder or Any.do and how to use it?

Having made an agreement with Any.do, WhatsApp decided to use this application within its own structure. Recently, information about the agreement made by Any was announced.

WhatsApp will offer the reminder feature in its paid application. However, if we understand correctly, this application currently has a monthly fee of $5.99. Normally, the application itself is free for 7 days and then a significant fee is charged, but a more affordable fee is charged for using it via WhatsApp.

What is Any.do?

Any.do is an application that serves more as a reminder. You can organize and access your tasks, notes and reminders through a single application. It can synchronize with almost all devices without any problems.

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With the smart reminder in the application, you will not forget any of your important days. You will save time with the beauty of the themes in the application and the turbo charging feature.

Any.do is an application that allows you to seamlessly access and synchronize your records from installed devices. Automatic instant registration works smoothly from all phones, tablets and laptops. You will enjoy the ease of use with the interface with a high-level control panel. www.andronova.net

What is WhatsApp reminder feature Any .do?How to use WhatsApp reminder

how to use whatsapp reminderwhatsapp reminder appany.do connecting to whatsapp

connecting whatsapp to any.do

How to use WhatsApp reminder?

For now, some pieces have not yet fallen into place. It is estimated that Any.do price and monthly fee will reach an insufficient rate for the use of this service.

  • Download Any app from App Store or Google Play if Android
  • Any.do subscription means you need to sign up
  • Create the reminder
  • Make the WhatsApp connection
  • Then, when the time comes, you will receive a reminder message via WhatsApp.
  • For connection, enter the application settings.
  • Go to Integrations section
  • WhatsApp tap on new text
  • “Go with the premium upgrade.

Looking at the number of downloads of Any.do, it has exceeded 10 million on Android devices alone. Of course, this number existed before WhatsApp. Currently, we think that the new feature will be available gradually according to regions.

Update Date: December 17, 2019, 11:47

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