WhatsApp Incoming Link Not Opening Problem

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The link in WhatsApp does not open. This still happens to many users on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter applications. Normally, we think that the user does not take any action regarding this. The problem is that opening URL links through relevant applications is not allowed.

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Is the problem of WhatsApp incoming links not opening the same in all links and has it been tried in other applications? This is an important question.

The problem of incoming links not opening on WhatsApp is usually related to the permissions of the application. To resolve this situation, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Restart Phone: In case of operating system or application problems, restarting the devices solves the problem.
  2. Checking App Permissions: First, check the permissions of WhatsApp app on your Android device. To do this, open the Settings app, Then go to Apps or Application Manager. Find WhatsApp and tap on it. Go to the Permissions tab and make sure Internet and Storage permissions are enabled. (Opening links in the appread the article)
  3. Permission to Access Storage: In order for WhatsApp to open links, permission to access the storage space on your device is required. Select WhatsApp from settings and enable Storage permission. At the same time, sufficient free space is needed for the operating system and applications to work correctly.
  4. Settings for Opening Links: There may be an option like “Open Links” or “Allow Web Links” in WhatsApp settings. Make sure you enable this option.
  5. Checking the Default Browser: WhatsApp opens incoming links in the browser on your device by default. Therefore, make sure your browser is set up correctly. Check your browser settings and select the browser that should be set as the default browser.
  6. Update the App: Be sure to use an up-to-date version of WhatsApp. Older versions may have such problems. Update WhatsApp from Google Play Store and check if the issue is resolved. On the contrary, the released version may cause problems on some devices. What we do here is either to wait until the new version is released or to revert to the old version.
  7. Updating the Operating System and Services: If the system is not up to date, this may cause problems. If there is any update on the device, first investigate whether there is any problem with this update by reading the comments.
  8. Check the Date: In rare cases, if the date option on the device is incorrect, you will have problems performing the transaction.
WhatsApp incoming link does not open 2
WhatsApp incoming link does not open

On some Android devices, when you enter the settings area, tap “Applications”, “Manage Applications” and the “3-Dot” area in the upper corner. Afterwards, select the application you want to allow to use from the areas called “Default Applications” and “Opening Links”.

WhatsApp incoming link does not open 1
WhatsApp incoming link cannot be opened error

Check If The Phone Has Any Protection

If there is a protection application interfering with applications, temporarily stop it and try it. Please note that partial blocking of applications used for protection may not allow full access.

In short, if there is no security risk, make antivirus protection fully passive.

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Here are our suggestions for the problem of WhatsApp incoming link not opening.

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