WhatsApp stays on the "connecting" message and does not connect

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If WhatsApp stays on the "connecting" message and does not connect, first contact the users around you and see if they are experiencing this problem.

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The best suggestions for those who are stuck on the message "WhatsApp is connecting while opening or sending a message" are included in our content.

Definitely check with a few other users before trying out the app or your account.

WhatsApp is connecting, it is known as an error where the connection cannot be made on the application side or due to internal / external factors. It was mostly encountered in access problems abroad. Although it doesn't seem to happen much these days, it can occur momentarily and for a long time 2-3 times a year. We thought it would occur more in the early days of the pandemic, but it seems that it was not affected much due to the necessary improvement works.

Let's say that the malfunctions that used to occur frequently in applications are not seen much today. Even though it happens, most of them either do not notice or do not care because it is a momentary situation. In fact, when we investigated the minor negativities we encountered from time to time, we saw that there were not many people writing about them. We should point out that disruptions that do not last long are not taken seriously.

WhatsApp connects but does not connect

The WhatsApp not connecting error, which we encounter every year and continues for a while, appeared briefly this year. We think most of them are checking their internet connection at that moment. However, when this happens, it gets a little confusing because not every user is immediately affected.

The best step you can take to solve the WhatsApp connecting error is to call other users. Accordingly, you can look at the steps in our content.

Why does WhatsApp stay on the "connecting" message?

Why does WhatsApp stay on the connecting text?

If there is one right now, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether it is general or not. For this, it would be logical to see if it is mentioned in the posts on Twitter and to look at the notifications of official places. If it is understood that it is not experienced by others within the first 30 minutes or if you see that very few people make such a complaint, then gradual application of the following will be beneficial for the solution.

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  1. We encourage you to find out if others are affected in your location.
  2. Check if the situation is the same on other devices that use the same internet as you.
  3. If available, install the application on another phone and test it. (You won't lose anything and the sim card doesn't need to be removed)
  4. The phone needs free space and the date must be correct.
  5. We want you to know that anything related to your account or anything that is taken to extremes may result in a problem.
  6. The connection used is causing problems.

It is a problem that is mostly reflected in the general situation. At first, a few people encounter it and soon you see that most of them are talking about the same situation.

WhatsApp stays on the "connecting" message and does not connect
WhatsApp stays on the "connecting" message and does not connect

How to solve WhatsApp not connecting?

We have previously mentioned in our posts what actions to take in cases of problems that do not usually occur. Whether these are standard may vary depending on the warning. But we can say that only some areas of the content have changed.

When it occurs in some cases, we think of DNS problems and testing with a VPN is recommended depending on the region. First, it needs to be tested with another internet connection and then the DNS test we just mentioned must be done. Choosing manually known addresses will be beneficial for security.

  1. Problems may occur in the systems used because the devices have not been turned off for a long time. It will be useful to turn it off from time to time.
  2. After testing WiFi and mobile connections separately, if there is another device, let's try it that way.
  3. Make sure that both the phone's apps and software are up to date. Revert back to version issues.
  4. There may be rare cases where updates cause glitches. For testing purposes, we recommend installing the previous version of WhatsApp.
  5. Another installed application is preventing this. We encountered something like this.
  6. The phone is having problems due to not enough free space. When you look at it, there is space, but it is not enough space for the system to work.
  7. We have seen similar problems occur when an internal application called Google services is problematic. For both WhatsApp and this, follow the order below and take the necessary steps.

WhatsApp stays on connecting message Solution for Android

The entire article should be treated as a solution. The title we added here contains additional steps especially for Android.

The process we specified in the phone's settings will be to enter the "WhatsApp" application in the "Applications" area, uninstall the updates and run other options. The same operations will be performed on Google services. If this is related and the situation persists, we will recommend installing another version for both.

If it occurred after an application you installed later, then this application needs to be removed. Likewise, if an update has been made, it will be uninstalled and tried again. In case of version problems, it should be tested with older versions.

Our suggestions for iPhone connecting error

Having a problem connecting the phone to Whatsapp is usually due to an internet connection or device-related problem. In order to fix this, internet access must first be examined. Frequent disconnections and domestic/international malfunctions need to be examined.

Make sure that the phone has a strong internet signal. A web page must be opened from the phone's browser. It should be checked whether the web page is loaded or not. If the web page loads, this indicates that there is an internet connection on the phone. In this case, if the phone is restarted, the problem will be solved.

Our first suggestion is that most users are currently experiencing this issue. So let us state that you do not have a relevant problem. This error may be encountered in Türkiye or most countries of the world.

  1. WhatsApp not connectingIf it says ", we think that there will be no problems over wireless other than mobile internet. We tried it from Turkcell and saw that the situation was the same with 4.5G or 3G, but when we connected to the modem wirelessly, it worked without any problems. Of course, we do not know the situation with Vodafone and Türk Telekom.
  2. If the problem is not experienced by others, turn off the phone and turn it on again.
  3. Many mistakes can occur due to incorrect dates.
  4. It can be solved by resetting the network setting for iPhone.
  5. Cache cleaning is always one of our preferences.
  6. In case of a wireless problem, turn the modem off and on.
Connecting error iPhone
It says WhatsApp is connecting but it doesn't connect

More to do for iPhone

Those who ask the question of what to do if the WhatsApp connection problem persists should search Google and social media to see if there is such a problem.

The phone must first be restarted. It should be updated to whatever is the latest version at that moment. Open the settings section on the phone and then the network and wireless network section. The phone's airplane mode must be turned on and off. Then, open the phone's settings again and activate the network and wireless network. Open the Cellular and SIM section and turn on cellular data from there.

Check the network and wireless network in the phone settings. Wi-Fi must be turned off and on from that section. Connecting to more than one wireless network different from the phone should be attempted. The phone is put into sleep mode and the Wi-Fi section remains on. The Wi-Fi router section is restarted. It is necessary to ensure that the APN settings are configured correctly by consulting the mobile provider section. After all the situations are completed, the Whatsapp connection problem will be eliminated.

iPhone not connecting to the internet 1
Reset if WhatsApp is not connecting

If those who try it on another phone find that it is caused by the device, then there will be a process of resetting it. Of course, it would be more logical to first reset the network settings and then reset everything if the result is the same.

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