WhatsApp Video Does Not Open Incoming Videos Cannot Be Watched

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Do you also experience the problem that WhatsApp incoming videos do not open and I cannot watch them? If the Whatsapp video cannot be opened error occurs, we will first look at the test steps and then the solution steps.

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If you are having trouble watching videos, you will solve your problem by installing the MX Player application on your phone. In our previous article, we talked about instantaneous and hourly inaccessibility situations due to an error occurring during connection. In this content, we will check the possible reasons mostly related to phones.

First of all, we recommend that you research whether others have the same problem. Then you try to find a way by looking at possible reasons.

It would be better not to proceed with the steps without checking your connection.

Why Aren't Videos Playing on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular communication application used to share text messages, audio recordings and videos. However, sometimes users may encounter an issue where videos are not playing on WhatsApp. In this article, we will cover what causes this problem and how it should be fixed.

Step 1: Check Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons why videos fail to play on WhatsApp is a low-quality or intermittent internet connection. Check if your internet connection is stable. If you have a weak or fluctuating internet connection, it may cause the issue of videos not loading fully.

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Step 2: Check Storage Space

WhatsApp saves sent or received videos on your device. Therefore, if the storage space on your device is limited, it may not be possible to record or play videos properly. Check your storage space and free up space where necessary.

Step 3: Update the App

WhatsApp is a regularly updated application. If you are using an old version of your WhatsApp application, you may have problems playing videos. To make sure your app is up to date, visit the app store and download updates if necessary.

Step 4: Reinstall the App

If you've tried the steps above and videos still aren't playing, you may want to consider reinstalling your WhatsApp app. Uninstall the app and install it again. However, make sure that your WhatsApp data is backed up during this process, otherwise your messages and media files may be lost.

Step 5: Restart Your Device

In some cases, a simple restart of your device can fix the problem. Turn your device off and on again, then check if videos on WhatsApp are playing.

WhatsApp Video Playback Problem

As the phone messaging application of our current technology age, we are talking about an application that has more than 1 billion users in total on Android and iOS in the world. Since the first day of the application's launch, it has always been seen as the best among messaging applications with its considerable user base. This application, which was purchased with a bid of 19 billion, has made important developments. While every over-growing project may have positive aspects, it also has many negative aspects. We can say that the growth and diversification of errors is a product of this development.

Video playback problem occurs in messages received on Whatsapp. When you want to open the videos, the video cannot be played error appears on a black screen. On some phones, the videos kept turning as if they were opening.

Why Doesn't WhatsApp Video Open?

The main reasons for this problem, which can be caused by many things, are your phone's internet connection and the need for an auxiliary playback application. Apart from these, we will list the possible reasons below. What should be emphasized again is that nothing should be done without investigating the malfunctions that occur in general and in partial areas.

If you have memory errors, check several times whether there is enough space on your SD card because if it is full, WhatsApp cannot save anything and you should make space by deleting unnecessary files. Make sure whether your SD card is read-only or not. To be sure, try downloading and saving files from something other than Whatsapp. We try to solve such problems and problems with the specified methods.

What kind of problems are more prominent in practice? As in any application, incompatibilities and unexpected problems occur. After the update comes, problems that were not experienced before the update may occur. The company, which is renewed every day and brings most of the deficiencies even if it takes a long time, may have worrying posts about data breaches.

Important information: If the video is deleted from the phone memory or SD card, a blank screen or white screen may appear. Sometimes, videos in the cache may be deleted due to the running of maintenance applications.

Situations That Cause Video Not Playing Problem

To explain the problems we mentioned at the beginning in detail, you should check your internet connection 2 or 3 times. It may vary depending on the speed of the internet you are connected to and the area of ​​use. To check your internet connection, you can open the browser and try it on a page. If the date and time are not set, you may not be able to access Whatsapp servers because you cannot find the date of the video sent to you.Whatsapp video not openingYou will find the reasons and the necessary solution for video playback in the rest of the article.

  1. The software is inadequate due to the old phone.
  2. The tests were insufficient compared to the intensity of the work carried out in the development of the application.
  3. Devices have insufficient usable space or unnecessary use by users.
  4. Problems noticed later in a released version affect a certain audience. (To be understood, it should be removed and tried with one of the previous ones)
  5. Removal of later installed ones that may conflict.
  6. Insufficient playback feature of the phone used.
  7. Need for companion playback application.
  8. Situations where there is a restriction or insufficient speed in the internet network. (It may be high in tests, but the speed seen cannot be used in real terms because the infrastructure cannot handle this)
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Videos received on WhatsApp cannot be watched

WhatsApp Video Doesn't Open Solution Suggestions

The parts that come to mind to look at are:

  • Turn the phone off and then on again.
  • Telephonehistoryvemomentmay not be correct.
  • To download the video or photo in your internal memoryenough spaceIt may not be.
  • TelephoneMX PlayeInstall the r application and open and try the videos with this application.
  • Use 3G instead of 4.5G. It can be tried on wireless connection.
  • If you moved some things to the SD card in the WhatsApp application, problems may occur.
  • There may be no free memory on your SD card.
  • Whatsapp video cannot be playedOne of the things that causes the error is videomaintenance practicesWhen it was used, the general content was removed.
  • Your SD card may be corrupted due to scratches or drops, or if your SD card is set to read-only mode, problems may arise.
  • If your phone does not have a video player program, it is normal that it does not open the video.
  • If you have a video player program installed, the installed program may not be able to play the video. You should try using another video player program.
Why does WhatsApp video not open?
WhatsApp video does not open, incoming videos cannot be watched

WhatsApp Incoming Videos Do Not Work on Android Systems

The example explanation is taken from Samsung models. We should point out that other brands have these options in different areas. We do not know if Huawei users receive the same warning, but our recommendations cover all models.

  • Enter the phone's applications area,
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap WhatsApp,
  • There are changes in the options available between old and current versions. Use the cache one of these,
  • Try the video and follow the next step update or data removal depending on the situation,
  • Restart the phone.

WhatsApp iPhone Videos Not Displaying

Most of the above applies to every user. In this heading, the phone's history, free space control and network reset need to be performed.

The steps required for the network are as follows:

  • Enter the General heading from the settings,
  • You will find the field labeled Reset at the bottom,
  • There will be another reset in this title,
  • Reset the network one when you enter the content,
  • Do the video test and if it is still the same, this time you reset all settings.

Once everything has been tried and you have uninstalled the app and checked with an older version, consider calling the number in the article for help.

In this article, we tried to explain what can be done for a solution. I hope this was a useful post for I cannot open the incoming video.

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