The videos I like on TikTok do not appear, where are they?

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The problem of "I cannot see the Explore video likes on my account" sometimes occurs temporarily. We prepared the article to answer the question "Where are the videos I like on TikTok not appearing?"

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Tiktok Explore videos' likes are not visible error is a problem that some users may encounter.

While browsing through Explore, comments, likes and views on videos should generally appear. But for certain reasons, such interactions are not seen. Especially when you enter a user's profile, you can see the likes made on their videos. However, it sometimes happens that likes appear on videos that people come across while browsing the network.

Before checking anything, it is necessary to investigate whether there is a general problem.

TikTok video likes not appearing issue

TikTok is a social media platform based on video and being active by sharing videos. As in every social media, interactions such as likes, comments, views and follows are very important. It can be said that the more likes a video receives, the more interaction it receives. However, people may not see the likes of some videos while browsing through explore. This situation may be due to many reasons.

The reasons why Tiktok discover video likes may not appear may be as follows;

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  • People not making updates,
  • The network is not compatible with the device used to access TikTok,
  • Internet connection problems and disruptions between the connection and the device,
  • A restriction imposed by TikTok as a result of any behavior of the network user in the application contrary to the community rules,
  • Turning off the likes of the person who shared the Discover video,
  • Precautionary feature restrictions on accounts that engage in suspicious behavior,
  • Generally, you encounter people browsing videos as a result of a systemic error within the network.

Solution to TikTok likes not appearing

There is also a solution to the error that likes do not appear on Tiktok Explore videos. You can find out why the video does not appear and find a solution using the following items:

  • You may think that Explore video likes are not visible due to the internet and the device. In this case, a different device and a different internet connection must be used.
  • If there is a systemic error, the person must wait a few days for it to be corrected.
  • TikTok must be updated and the latest version must be available on the device.
  • You should log in to your TikTok account via DNS and check if there are likes.
  • People need to check their e-mail to see if they have been penalized by the network. If there is such a situation, it should be waited for a while for this situation to pass.
  • If this situation is not corrected with the steps above, this situation should be reported via TikTok's help feature. As a result of technical support's investigation, the problem will be completely fixed.
  • Investigate temporary problems and, if possible, wait that day without logging into your account.
TikTok videos I like do not appear
The videos I like on TikTok do not appear, where are they?

You need to check your account

In order to understand the situations of being suspicious and being penalized, the first suggestion that the user can make is to write a short description in the about section of his account when he enters the profile area. If it is written down, he will make a small change and try to save it. If a message stating that it cannot be done when the confirmation button is pressed appears on the screen, we understand that it is related to a temporary obstacle, penalty or a malfunction in the system. You can figure out which of these it is with the following.

  • You'll usually see some, if any, mentioning this on the networks.
  • It is possible for those who deal with too many of the same things to be hindered. It continues for a certain hour or throughout the day that day.
  • Notifications for sanctions are generally sent within the scope of punishment. If not, use of multiple areas is not allowed.

What we wrote about the TikTok "videos I like are not visible" error is explained as an assumption. The posts made during the day must be strictly examined. Or you check it based on a few days. You can perform the necessary test by removing the posts and comments that will cause trouble.

Phone and app problems

Reasons due to updates used to be common, but we don't see them much anymore. One of the best methods was to remove updates that caused incompatible behavior with many models. A temporary solution was offered by uninstalling the currently used application and then installing the old network version. Until the problem is solved in the new one.

We recommend checking the recent updates and installed applications in order to understand the problems caused by external obstacles and other installed applications on the phones. It is also among our recommendations to remove it for testing and restore it depending on the situation.

After the above, we recommend using the support section of the network. Of course, it would be healthier to try it after the problem has passed for 2-3 days.

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