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In our news, we explained where the trash can is on the phone and some of the methods used to clean it through applications.

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Phones with Android operating system do not have a central trash or recycle bin as in Windows operating system. However, many apps and services offer their own trash or recycle features that temporarily store your deleted items. Here are the steps on how to find and empty the trash on Android phone using such apps:

  1. Gallery App (Google Photos):
    • The photos and videos you take or save on your Android device are managed by the Google Photos app.
    • Deleted items are temporarily stored in Google Photos under the name “Deleted” or “Trash”.
    • Open the Google Photos app, tap the three lines icon in the upper left corner and go to “Deleted” or “Trash”. Here you can review and restore deleted items.
  2. File Manager Apps:
    • File manager apps you have installed on your Android device (for example, “Files” or “ES File Explorer”) are useful for managing deleted files.
    • These applications often include a “Trash” or “Recycle” folder.
    • Open your file manager app, find this folder and restore or permanently delete the deleted items in it.
  3. Email Applications (Gmail):
    • Email applications temporarily store deleted emails under the name “Inbox” or “Trash”.
    • If you use email apps like Gmail, you can check the Trash within that app.
  4. Mobile Storage Settings:
    • In your Android device's settings, there's an option like "Storage" or "Storage & USB."
    • Go to these settings and look for an option like “Trash” or “Deleted Files”. From here you can restore deleted items before deleting them permanently.

Remember that every Android device and every app can be different, so follow each of the steps above for the specific app or service on your phone. It is important that you carefully review deleted items before permanently deleting them from the recycle bin, as emptying the recycle bin eliminates the possibility of restoring deleted data.

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Emptying the trash on the phone

How to Find and Use Android Trash

The Android operating system may offer different features on devices from different manufacturers, so the trash interface may vary. However, in general, the trash can is found and used on Android devices as follows:

1. Google Photos Trash:

Google Photos is a very popular application for storing and managing photos and videos on Android devices. Here's how to use the trash bin in Google Photos:

  • Open the Google Photos app.
  • Tap the three lines icon in the upper left corner and find the “Trash” option.
  • When you click on “Trash”, you will see the deleted photos and videos. From here you can restore or permanently delete any items you want.

2. File Manager Apps:

Some Android devices offer a trash can feature within a file manager app. These apps are useful for managing files and offer trash functionality. For example, you can use the “Files” or “ES File Explorer” applications:

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  • Open the file manager app.
  • You can usually find “Trash” or “Deleted Files” in the left menu or options.
  • In this folder, you can review, restore or permanently delete deleted files.

3. Email Applications (Gmail):

Email applications store deleted emails in the “Trash” or “Deleted” folder. You can use this folder in popular email applications such as Gmail:

  • Open the email application.
  • Find the “Trash” or “Deleted” option from the left menu. Here you can restore deleted emails or delete them permanently.

4. Other Applications:

Different apps may offer trash or recycle bin-like features. You can find these features by examining the settings of applications other than the file manager or by getting information from the in-application help section.

How to Find and Use iPhone Trash

The iOS operating system is used on iPhone and iPad devices, and the trash bin concept is different from Android. On iOS, the trash can is located under the general settings of the device. Here are the steps for trash on iOS devices:

1. iOS Trash for Photos and Videos:

On your iOS devices, the trash can is used to delete photos and videos. This is why the trash bin is associated with photo and video applications:

  • Open the Photo or Video app.
  • Select the photos or videos you want to delete.
  • Tap the trash can icon to delete the selected items. These items are moved to the trash.
  • Items moved to trash are kept for the period of time you specify in your device's settings, and then are permanently deleted.

2. iOS Trash on Other Apps:

On iOS, other apps' trash can usually be found in their in-app settings or options. For example, to manage deleted emails in email applications, you can go to the settings of the relevant email account and find the “Trash” or “Deleted” section.

Trash or recycle bin in our phones is an important tool that helps us recover and manage accidentally deleted or unnecessary files. You can follow the steps mentioned above to use these trash cans on Android and iOS devices.

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