Why Doesn't WiFi Receive on the Phone? Connection Problem

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Why doesn't WiFi work on the phone? What are the main reasons for complaints such as disconnecting or not connecting to the internet?

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In the past, we often prepared solution articles for such problems. We even provided support services. Nowadays, the job has become a little more practical. Those who try to reset it to factory settings without any hassle go to the service. 🙂

Some of the information in our content is from methods used in the past. They are included in the current ones, but they are mostly tentative steps.

If WiFi Doesn't Receive on the Phone: Reasons Underlying the Problems

Nowadays, if we do not have a healthy WiFi connection while using our phones, things can often go wrong. However, if your phone is not picking up WiFi, there may be several underlying reasons for this and you can take steps to fix these issues.

**1.Router Problems:

  • Check the router's electrical connection.
  • Restart the router.
  • Update the router's software.
  • Make sure the antennas are positioned correctly.

**2.Signal Weakness:

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  • Check the signal strength where your phone is located.
  • Make sure that the antenna used to detect your phone's WiFi signals is intact.

**3.Phone settings:

  • Make sure WiFi is turned on.
  • Make sure you select your WiFi network correctly.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode and switch it back to normal mode.

**4.IP Address Problems:

  • Set your phone's IP address manually.
  • Check the DHCP settings and select automatic IP address acquisition.

**5.Conflicting Channels:

  • Change the WiFi channel the router is running on.
  • Select a channel that other devices are not using.

**6.Firewalls and Filters:

  • Check the firewalls on the router.
  • Check MAC filters and adjust if necessary.

**7.Software Updates:

  • Update your phone's operating system.
  • Update your WiFi drivers.

**8.External Factors:

  • Check the effects of other electronic devices on the WiFi signal.
  • Check if metal objects are blocking the signal.

**9.Remote WiFi Networks:

  • Prevent your phone from automatically connecting to other unknown networks.
  • Make sure your device automatically connects only to trusted networks.

**10.Resetting to Factory Settings:

  • If you couldn't fix WiFi issues on your phone, consider doing a factory reset. However, be sure to back up your data before this process.

Possible Reasons Why WiFi Doesn't Receive on the Phone

One of the reasons why we specifically mention it as Android is that it is the most frequently used operating system. Of course, let's not forget to say that the number of iPhone users is also high. However, since iOS has a closed structure, there are not many options for you to try. At least on the phone.

The steps we recommend in a mixed manner are as follows:

  • Try to connect to another network, if available, to test the phone's wireless reception.
  • Leaving the modem on for a long time may cause problems in terms of both speed and connection.
  • Minor changes need to be made to the modem's settings. It is among the methods that always work.
  • There are rare problems that devices experience after an update.
  • Rare problems caused by installed applications.
  • Attachment problems are very common due to incorrect date.
  • Malfunctions in hardware. Especially in situations that result in a fall.

We want to move on to a solution by extending the list. When you look at the possible reasons, it is already clear what you need to do. What those who have no knowledge about technology will do is get help from someone who understands.

What to Do in Phone Wireless Problems

We've listed the things you should check above. Afterwards, we will write comprehensive information that will be used generally.

  1. Check date, free space and system. We recommend that those who use their phone before it runs out of battery reboot the system at least every 2-3 days.
  2. Those who have problems with a network you have previously connected to should forget the network for that connection.
  3. For systems that see the network but cannot connect, auxiliary applications must be used. Choose apps with the best user reviews.
  4. If there is no internet connection on wireless connections, manually define DNS. Try with a few known DNS addresses.
  5. The applications you installed need to be checked. It happens very often that invisible but possible applications cause problems for each other. The latest installations for testing need to be stopped or removed.
  6. In case of possible problems in the software, trying factory settings or even hard reset are among the frequently used methods.
  7. In devices that fall frequently, the reception level generally decreases. There is a process that leads to the replacement of the part used for the network.

Controls and Signal Problem in Modem

There were many people asking for support, such as WiFi not working on time or signal insufficient, what should I do? We will have some suggestions to increase the shooting power.

We recommend that you turn off your modem from time to time, wait a while, and then turn it on. It will provide solutions for both speed and connection problems.

What is shared here is listed as suggestions only and you can contribute with your comments.

Before forgetting, we recommend that you read users' comments before purchasing a wireless signal booster. There are complaints about many models.

Strengthening Modem WiFi Signal

First of all, devices that are left in narrow spaces or extremely hot areas will definitely experience hardware problems over time. You will see some browning on some of the pieces on the sample card. It can even be seen in the external area of ​​the modem. When you look at it, the modem is working and there is internet, but problems such as disconnections or slowdowns will occur during long-term operation.

Take a look at these:

  • The modem should not be in closed areas. It is generally recommended that there be nothing behind or directly around the person.
  • Do not keep it close to devices that will cause a decrease in signal. If there are electronic fields, try moving them away.
  • Changing the channel setting of the modem will be beneficial.
  • You will probably see the benefit of updating the modem.
  • Check with signal boosters.

Wifi Signal Booster Devices

These devices provide serious performance, especially in places we call blind spots at home and work. It provides efficiency by receiving the modem's signal and distributing it with its own signal.

Important models of many brands, such as wireless range extenders, are sold. The logic of these devices is that you install the device's application on the phone or tablet, select the country and device, and then configure the installation settings. You will find many articles about this on andronova.net.

There is a channel field in the area where your modem is entered with 192.168. The value here is generally between 1 and 13. The most frequently used is 11. If the same channels are used frequently, different values ​​will be preferred.

There is an option for channel setting in the images we have added below. We use automatic, but if we have problems with the connection, then we will use it manually.

Why WiFi on the phone 1
Why is WiFi not working on the phone, connection problem?

The second image includes the use of multiple link names for your guests. We prefer this area especially for our guests. We turn this option on for temporary connections and turn it off when we are done. Of course, it is one of the options used in connection problems.

Why WiFi on the phone 2
Problem with modem not receiving WiFi

The third image is a pictorial explanation for those who cannot make a connection. A lot can be said with a single picture. If the sample password is too long, then this option will be a useful option used for direct connection. Plus, it is also preferred in cases of problems in entering the normal password during connection.

Why WiFi on the phone 3
Using WPS in wireless connection problems

We hope this was a useful article for why Android WiFi is not receiving. We recommend that you reset the network from the reset section in iPhone. Since we have an article about this system, we did not include a detailed explanation. As a suggestioniPhone WiFi not turning onWe recommend you to take a look at our article.

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