Adding a Windows 10 user, opening a new account

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Where are the settings made to add new users to Microsoft's Windows 10 on the computer? We have added the order of opening processes to create an administrator account below.

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When you share your devices with your relatives or when you are uncomfortable with your guests seeing your personal documents when they want to use your devices, you can find a solution to this problem by opening a new user account.

Your guests can log in to the device with their own login without accessing your private documents on your devices. Adding users in Windows operating systems can be easily done in the control panel in previous versions. In this system, adding users is done in slightly different ways.

Adding new users in Windows 10

  • Windows + R key together. After this process, the “Run” window will appear. After typing “Netpwiz” in this window, press the OK button.
  • You will see the existing users on the screen that opens. Click on the “Add” button here.
  • In the next window, you will see the "How will this person log in alternative" option.
  • If you will be logging in with Microsoft accounts, enter your account information here.

If an account will be opened for different people all the time, it would make sense to open an option called Local account For a local account, you need to follow these steps: After coming to the local account section, type your username. Since a password is not required for guest users, you can leave the password section blank. Then click on the next button. In the next transactions, end your transaction by clicking the Finish button. This account you opened does not have administrator rights. If you want, you can also grant administrator privileges. Alternatively, follow the steps below. for adding administrators and adding users.

open an administrator account

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Click on Start, that is, the Windows window. “ Settings ” (the gear). “ Accounts ” / “ Family and other people ” / “ Add someone else to this computer ” Type the e-mail address (with Hotmail extension) you will log in to. Click above the added account and click “ Change account type ”. Select the account type as either “ Standard user ” or “ Administrator

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Those who say they cannot log in or cannot open an administrator account, they can log in to their account in safe mode, check it, and log in as an administrator, depending on the situation.

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