Adding why there are no desktop icons in Windows 10

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After the first installation of the Windows 10 operating system, the icons we use most on the desktop do not appear. So how can we reveal these desktop icons?

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Windows 10 operating system is currently one of Microsoft's most used systems. Many users are satisfied with the operation of this operating system, which currently has millions of users. The reason why it replaced old operating systems in such a short time is that Windows 10 was distributed free of charge when it was first released. In addition, Microsoft constantly promoted this system with a small software that it installed on computers during updates. This promotion included the question of whether we would switch for free or not. Many people answered this question positively and switched to the Windows 10 operating system.

In this news, we will explain how to reveal and make visible the icons that are not visible on the screen when you install the Windows 10 operating system.

Removing desktop icons in Windows 10

Why are there no icons in Windows 10? When you first install the operating system, there will be no Computer, Recycle Bin, User Files, Network and Control Panel icons on the screen. These icons are the most used icons by a computer user. To reveal these icons, follow the steps below;

  • First, click the right mouse button on an empty area on the Windows screen. After this process, you will see the following screen. Personalize from this section .
Adding missing Windows 10 desktop icons
Windows 10 desktop icons not appearing
  • Personalize ” heading, you will see the following screen. You can adjust many theme settings from this screen. However, since we are talking about revealing desktop icons, we will continue with the section on this subject. Access Themes in this section
Why are there no desktop icons in Windows 10
Adding why there are no desktop icons in Windows 10
  • After logging in to the Themes section, you will see the following screen. Desktop Icon Settings , which is among the options on the right where you can adjust the icon settings . After this process, the screen you see in the picture below will open. In this window opened on the side, there are Computer, User Files, Network, Recycle Bin and Control Panel icons. Check the box next to the icon you want to appear and press OK.
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