Windows 11 won't exit safe mode, how to exit

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Below we list the steps to be taken to exit Windows 11 safe mode. We write that those who experience the problem of safe mode not turning off should be careful.

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We occasionally publish topics that make sense about the new system. Normally, the system is not offered to the end user, but the topics we write about continue to be up-to-date. There may be a change in their location, and that doesn't really matter. What to pay attention to here is the logic of the operations and their correct execution.

We recommend those who want to try Win 11 to join the "Windows Insider" program. In order to avoid problems, it would be more logical to use the beta version as a virtual system. We have a suggestion about this at the end of our article.

Normally, when the system is restarted, it continues where it left off. Or the screen may offer an option to continue with normal mode. But if Windows 11 still does not exit safe mode, then follow the steps below.

Windows 11 won't exit safe mode

We recommend that those who say that it does not shut down and that the same location always opens when I restart them, follow the order below. Sometimes, one of the factors that cause this place to open is hardware problems and the other one is software problems.

We can say that some of the reasons why it does not appear are that the transaction is not carried out from the right place or that the problem persists.

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You may experience problems even because one of the drivers you installed is incompatible. Make sure the date is correct during the operations and continue to free up space in case of space problems.

How to exit Windows 11 safe mode?

To turn off safe mode;

  • From your keyboard “Windows window icon” and then press “RPress the ” button.
  • "To the place that comes out"msconfig" write.
  • Among the results "Preloading” field.
  • Finally "secure bootUncheck the box in the ” field and restart.
Windows 11 won't exit safe mode, how to exit
Windows 11 won't exit safe mode

The above area can also be opened from the command prompt area. You can access these areas by typing Explorer.

Windows 11 safe mode exit
Windows 11 safe mode does not turn off

So safe mode will no longer open. After the uninstallation process, if there is any problem, we recommend that you unplug the computer and wait for it to turn on.

Another topic that may be useful to you isblack screen errorThere will be a solution. We will continue to share our posts from time to time, and we would like to point out to those who try to reach us for help that we do not have such a service. You can get help in the form of consultancy services via the number included in our content.

One of the preferred methods in case of system malfunctions is the topic mentioned in our title. By entering this area, repair-related operations can be carried out.

What to do in case of software malfunctions

You may see that many operations cannot be performed as a result of damage to the operating system. It is common for restore not to work, especially on systems affected by viruses. Therefore, you can start troubleshooting by holding down the shift key on the keyboard without releasing it and using the restart computer option.

Apart from this, when you type system recovery in the search field, you will reach the relevant reset field. With your files saved, you can perform the necessary reset.

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