Samsung Wireless File sharing with Windows

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Samsung wireless file sharing with Windows: New news has been published regarding Microsoft's work on your phone application. Sharing files between a Samsung phone and a Windows computer is very easy.

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Samsung and Windows made an important decision and cooperated for wireless file sharing. The cable era in file sharing is slowly coming to an end. An important collaboration has been announced recently for wireless file sharing from mobile devices to computers.

Sharing via FTP still continues on some phones from the old era. Of course, although it was said that there were security risks, no cancellation decision was made. It is stated that Microsoft and Samsung offer better security in sharing between themselves. These studies can cover most mobile devices.

Nowadays, wireless sharing is done in many places. In particular, mirroring the phone screen to the television is one of the most preferred methods. Sometimes being connected to the same wifi network may be enough, such as watching movies by mirroring the computer screen or watching family videos.  

The new file sharing feature was displayed with “Windows 10 Insider Build”. It is very easy to transfer data by dragging and dropping files. Normally, it is possible to view notifications, send messages, transfer data and have many types of backups on phones connected to the computer with a lot of software. The new feature is said to provide a higher transfer speed and a more secure environment.

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Wireless File Sharing Between Windows and Samsung

You need to install the Your Phone application on your Samsung phone and computer. You can go to Microsoft Store and Google Play, download the program and try it. We have previously tested this program on iPhone. But it is said to be more developed.

For application download and use;

  • Download your phone software
  • You choose the operating system
  • We choose iPhone or Android
  • Press the continue button
  • Open the Microsoft Edge app
  • Wait for it to connect with login information

You can see the article I previously prepared, the previous name of this application, Your Phone, at the end of the article. 

What you need to know:

  • The maximum file sending limit in a single transaction is stated as 512 MB.
  • Full HD image transfer is possible
  • 100 files can be sent at the same time
  • Must be connected to the same network
  • Can be used in home business networks
Samsung wireless file sharing with Windows
Samsung wireless file sharing with Windows
connecting to samsung phone from computer
How to share Samsung wireless files with Windows

About Samsung Wireless File sharing with Windows

Wireless file sharing between a computer running Windows operating system and your Samsung device can be very useful. Here's what you need to know and the steps:

1. Wireless Connection Methods:

There are several methods for wireless file sharing between Windows and Samsung devices. The most commonly used methods are:

  • Wi-Fi Connection: You can share files by connecting your computer and Samsung device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Bluetooth Connection: You can share files via Bluetooth, but this method is generally slower and limited.
  • Wireless Sharing Applications: You can share files using third-party applications. Some popular options include AirDroid, SHAREit, and Feem.

2. Preparation for File Sharing in Windows:

You can follow these steps to enable file sharing on your Windows computer:

  • If you are using Windows 10 or newer, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Sharing Center and enable “Turn on file and printer sharing” in File and Printer Sharing.
  • In File Explorer, right-click on the folders you want to share and select “Add to sharing dialog.”

3. Preparation for File Sharing on Your Samsung Device:

You can follow these steps to enable file sharing on your Samsung device:

  • Open the Settings app and go to “Connections” or “Network & Internet”.
  • Under Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings, look for “File sharing” or “Advanced” and enable file sharing.

4. File Sharing Process:

You can follow the steps below to proceed with file sharing:

  • Once file sharing is enabled on your computer, connect your Samsung device to the same network or enable Bluetooth.
  • Using File Explorer or a file manager app, select the files you want to share and right-click and select “Share.”
  • Send files to your Samsung device by selecting “Wireless network” or “Bluetooth” from the menu that opens.
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