X Your Account Has Been Suspended (Twitter) How to Open it?

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X account has been suspended, it is a permanent or temporary ban applied to the relevant account as a result of violation of Twitter rules. Immediately following such a warning, an objection option is offered. If this option is not provided, it means that one of the strict rules has been violated and therefore the permanent account has been suspended.

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When we look at the warning text given by X, it was determined that the account violated Twitter rules after a detailed examination was carried out. It is stated that the account is permanently in read-only mode and cannot post or like content in any way. There's more; It is also stated that you can no longer create a new account. If this is thought to be an error, you will be given an appeal option to appeal.

What Does X Account Suspended Mean?

X means violation of one or more of the community rules. As a result, a partial or permanent disability is imposed.

Why Was X Account Suspended?

X account suspension occurs due to non-compliance with various security and usage policies. Some of them are as follows:

1. Spam Content or Fake Accounts:

  • From where:Spammy or fake accounts that pose a security risk to X and its users.
  • Solution:When a real account is suspended by mistake, the account owner should be contacted to review the situation and make any necessary corrections.

2. Account Security is at Risk:

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  • From where:Account has been compromised or suspected of being compromised.
  • Solution:Temporary suspension of the account until the account is secured and restored to its owner. The password must be reset and security checks must be performed. Additional entry precautions should be taken.

3. Abusive Posts or Behavior:

  • From where:The Account is reported to be violating Rules X and exhibiting abusive behavior.
  • Solution:Corrections should be made in accordance with the violated rules and malicious behavior should be stopped. The account may be suspended temporarily or permanently.


  • Account holders can contact the support team to get their suspended account back or rectify the situation.
  • When the account is suspended, it is possible to notify users of the reason in more detail, although this will be indicated in the X profile.

Account owners can keep their accounts safe by behaving in accordance with X rules and paying attention to security measures. In case of suspension, the problem can be resolved using the relevant support channels.

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Your X account is suspended, how to open it

X Account Lockout and Solutions

Locking your account is a situation that occurs within the scope of security measures. Here are the reasons for this crash, solutions and points that users should pay attention to:

X What is Account Lockout?

Account lockout is a measure implemented for security reasons after several failed login attempts within a certain period of time. In this case, your account will be temporarily inaccessible and the lockout will usually last for about an hour.

Factors Causing Crash

Account lockouts usually occur for security reasons. These reasons may include:

  1. Failed Login Attempts:Making too many unsuccessful login attempts over a period of time may result in the account being locked.
  2. Third Party Applications:Some third-party applications may violate Twitter security policies and cause a crash.
  3. Suspected Account Security Breach:If Twitter detects abnormal activity in terms of account security, it may lock the account for protection.

Lockout Situation and Solutions

If your account is locked, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Disable Third Party Apps:If you are using 3rd party apps like Hootsuite or postDeck, disable them. These apps may cause your account to be locked. Only re-enable these apps after making sure you can log in to twitter.com. Many accounts that engage in followers and likes services encounter this warning.
  2. Wait a Few Hours:Once your account is locked, wait for an hour or a little more. At the end of this period, check if you can make transactions on your account.
  3. Password Reset:If you cannot remember your password or cannot reset it, try resetting it using both a browser and an application to get a new password. It is possible that you may encounter additional questions on the security side.
  4. Try to Get Help for Login Issues:If you are experiencing a login issue that causes your account to be locked out, use X's support channel. For dedicated support, try the toll-free number on the page.
  5. Procedure to Follow in Suspicious Situations:When you log in, log in to your account with an internet and device you have never used before or that day. For day-long restrictions, wait 24 hours after your last attempt.
  6. Objection to X platform:Sometimes the objection option does not appear on the problem screen. this for thishttps://help.twitter.com/tr/forms/account-access/appeals/redirectJust use the link.

Removing Your Account Suspension

  1. Log in to your X account.
  2. If you are required to confirm your number or e-mail address, provide the necessary information.
  3. Follow the instructions given to you to unsuspend your account.

Deactivating Your Account:

  1. If your account has been suspended and you are having trouble removing it, file an appeal.
  2. During the dispute process, log in to your account and submit the dispute by providing the required information.
  3. Submit a request on platform X to deactivate your suspended account.


  • When your account is suspended, it may have been incorrectly locked or temporarily disabled for security reasons.
  • If you are having difficulty performing the transactions, you can contact the X support team using the objection option.
  • When deactivating your suspended account, please note that X has the right to retain certain information for security reasons.

X Account Suspended Process

When you first encounter the problem, you will encounter a general information letter, and a link will be provided in the relevant article for you to object. When you tap this link, a form field opens and you are asked to enter the requested information. After you send your application, you may receive a response the same day. This return means that it has been examined and received. The next return will take a few weeks or two.

We prepared this article as an answer to the question "Your X account has been suspended, what should I do?"

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