Xiaomi does not connect to the internet, does not log in, does not turn on

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We will share with you the first things that come to mind when it comes to the problem of Xiaomi having internet but not connecting. We will look at what the possible error could be and what can be done to solve it.

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Xiaomi does not connect to the internetWhen said, what we will look at is;

  • Whether the service is open or not
  • Whether phone internet settings have been made or not
  • Check if there are any restrictions
  • Checking for a general connection error

Xiaomi is Android-based software and the general settings are valid for this brand. To the details Android internet settings You can access it from the article.

Xiaomi settings for I cannot access the internet problem

You can perform device settings by looking at the images below. Our suggestion is to restart the phone after configuring the settings and if there is a problem, check the steps again.

  1. Sim cards will be entered into mobile networks.
  2. Tap the relevant operator at the top where it will open. While there is Turkcell in the example image, you may have Türk Telekom.
  3. Enter access point names.
  4. Tap the “New apn” plus icon below.
  5. Take action by looking at the image.
  6. Username and password will be entered according to the operator. (Located in the link above)

Xiaomi does not connect to the internetXiaomi does not connect to the internetXiaomi Redmi does not connect to the internetIs Xiaomi not accessing the internet?Xiaomi turkcell does not connect to the internet

  1. Service by the operator may be passive.
  2. There may be something wrong with the phone's settings.
  3. If there is a problem with the phone's software.
  4. The browser may need to be replaced.
  5. Let's try it by connecting via VPN.
  6. Call your operator and have it reset. (Vodafone or…)
  7. Try resetting it to factory settings.
  8. Test by changing to 3G or LTE.
  9. Try it with another phone.

Users who continue after all operations are recommended to leave a problem report with their carrier.

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Update Date: 02 March 2020, 08:42

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