Xiaomi internet settings Türk Telekom Turkcell

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We have prepared separate steps for Xiaomi internet settings, Türk Telekom and Turkcell.

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Xiaomi devices attract many users with both their prices and technical features. In addition to their technical features, these devices also offer many features to their users with their unique operating system. No matter how high quality they are, certain problems may arise with Xiaomi devices, as with any device. Internet connection problem, which is one of these problems and whose solution is quite simple, is among the problems that can be solved with a few manual settings.

  • Turkcell text “INTERNET” and send to 2222
  • Dial Vodafone 7000#. You can get 7000 by typing GPRS SETUP.
  • At Türk Telekom, write the message INTERNET AYAR and send an SMS to 5555.

We continue to share from time to timeXiaomiIn this article about models, “How to make internet settingsWe will help you with our picture sharing.

How to make Xiaomi internet settings

Xiaomi internet settings “Mi Mix 3 5G, Max, Mi 8 Pro, Lite, Mi 9 SE, A2, 2S, Redmi 7, Note 6 Pro” and so on.

  • “Sim card / mobile networks”
  • “Access point names”
  • “New APN” (at the bottom)
  • Fill in the relevant sections
  • Tap “More” and save
Xiaomi internet settings 'Türk Telekom Turkcell'
How to make Xiaomi internet settings
How to make Xiaomi internet settings
Xiaomi internet settings Vodafone
Xiaomi internet settings vodafone
Xiaomi internet settings Turkcell
Turkcell Xiaomi internet settings
Xiaomi internet settings Türk Telekom Turkcell

Xiaomi internet settings general configuration

Adjusting internet settings on Xiaomi devices is very easy and simple. You can follow the steps below to adjust internet settings:

  1. First, open the “Settings” application on the home screen of your device.
  2. Tap “Wi-Fi & Internet” in the Settings app.
  3. Tap “Mobile networks” and then click “My SIM cards”.
  4. If your device supports dual SIM cards, choose which SIM card to use.
  5. Tap “Access Point Names” or “APN”.
  6. Now, tap on the “New APN” option to install the internet settings provided by your carrier on your device.
  7. Enter the internet settings provided to you by your operator. You can usually get these settings on the operators' websites or through customer service.
  8. Make sure there are no errors when entering the settings. Missing or incorrectly entered information when entering the settings may cause your internet connection to stop working.
  9. After entering the settings, tap “Save” and then open your browser to check if your internet connection is working.

Bu adımları takip ederek Xiaomi cihazınızda internet ayarlarınızı yapabilirsiniz. Ancak, farklı operatörlerin farklı ayarları olduğunu ve bu nedenle internet ayarlarının bir operatörden diğerine değişebileceğini unutmamalısınız. Ayrıca, cihazınızın bağlandığı Wi-Fi ağlarının ayarları da yine “Wi-Fi ve İnternet” bölümünde yer almaktadır ve buradan da yapılabilir.

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Xiaomi internet on and off

To fix the internet problem of your Xiaomi device, you must first adjust the Internet settings. To do this, you should go to the SIM card and mobile networks section in the settings and from there proceed to the "access point names" section. You will then be presented with APNs that have the name of the carrier you have. Among the APNs in this section, you should click on "X operator, Internet" and enter the necessary APN settings. You can then log out by saving the information you entered and use your device's Internet freely.

To turn off manual internet, simply delete the APN section. Apart from this, you can turn off internet mobile data by contacting your operator.

Xiaomi has internet but does not connect

It may not be obvious on the operator side. Sometimes the service may be suspended due to late payment of the invoice. Apart from this, problems related to the phone may occur. For software reasons and some cases, resetting network settings is recommended.

  • Delete and reconfigure settings
  • Try using a different line and a different phone.
  • Contact operator

Belirtiğimiz ayarlar, cihaz Android sürümlerine göre değişebilmekte. Eski ve yeni bölümlere yukarıda bulabilirsiniz. Cihaz garantisine bakmak içinde Xiaomi garanti sorgulama konusuna bakınız.

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