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Recovering deleted Yahoo e-mails: If your Yahoo e-mails are lost for any reason or you want to retrieve your accidentally deleted e-mails, this topic is for you.

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Yahoo brand is a brand that has existed in the internet world for a long time. It was founded by Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo. This established portal initially served only as a search engine. However, with the developing technology, Yahoo continued on its way by adding new features to its portal. The most important innovation was the e-mail service for Yahoo. With Yahoo providing this service, the number of users increased significantly. Yahoo has created a web page in almost every country in the world in the language of that country. Since the company provides its services in the language of the country it serves, it did not have difficulty in finding a place for itself in the countries it visited.

After this brief information about the history of Yahoo company, let's come to the subject we will share with you in this news. In this news, we will try to explain as much as we can how users who use the Yahoo e-mail service can proceed if their e-mails are deleted or lost for any reason.

How to retrieve lost/deleted Yahoo emails

If your emails have been deleted from Yahoo due to reasons beyond your control or have disappeared within the last week, it is possible to recover these emails. In order to recover your emails, you need to send a restoration notification to Yahoo. When you send this restoration request to the company, company officials will get back to you regarding this issue. So how to send a feedback request to Yahoo company? To send a feedback request, simply click the link below.

Yahoo application address to retrieve deleted emails

Application to retrieve deleted Yahoo

When you click on the link above, you need to click on the “Send a Restore Request” button in the image below. If you are not logged in to Mail, it will direct you to the Yahoo login screen. Here you need to enter your e-mail login information and confirm the next steps.

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Recover deleted Yahoo emails
Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails 3
Application to recover deleted Yahoo emails

However, it would be useful to make some reminders. One hundred percent recovery may not always be possible in these procedures. Only Yahoo can support you if your messages have been deleted within the last seven days. Finally, when you send a restoration request to Yahoo, you cannot cancel your request.

Possibly pulling data from a different mail server

This method is generally preferred to manage all your e-mail accounts via one e-mail. You can manage your Hotmail or Yahoo account using your example Gmail account. Your account on other mail servers that you added to Gmail will be added to your Gmail account and you can easily access all your e-mails from there. This method is also used to transfer previously received e-mails. During the adding process, you will be asked whether your emails will be moved or not.

This is our news on recovering deleted Yahoo emails.

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