Your Instagram Account is Currently Not Eligible to Use This Feature

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It seems that the number of people saying that they cannot open an Instagram live broadcast and I am getting the error "Your account is not currently suitable for using this feature" has increased these days.

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If your Instagram account is not currently suitable for using this feature and you see it during the live broadcast, this is most likely related to your account. There is a possibility that it may survive for a regional reason. In such a case, check the region settings of your device and your account.

Why Does It Appear That Your Account Is Not Currently Eligible to Use This Feature?

There are two reasons that come to our mind. It makes me think that it is most likely related to one of these reasons. The next reasons will be other reasons that you will check after these.

Two possible reasons are:

  • The update to the application caused compatibility problems.
  • There is a problem with the account or something is missing.

Your Account is Currently Not Eligible to Use This Feature: App Incompatibility

If a new version has been released, it may have caused compatibility problems in general or on some devices. The problem may have occurred due to the brand of the device used or the Android version used. To understand this, it should be tried with a different phone. You can also try your device with another account.

Note: If necessary, uninstall Instagram on your device and find the previous version on the internet and use it. In the past, this recommendation has temporarily eliminated many problems.

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Negativities Experienced on the Account Side

If your account is deemed suspicious or you have been penalized, this feature will not work for a while or permanently.

Another thing is that the account may need to be verified. For this, if you have not used your real information, replace and update your information with your real information. Plus we recommend filling in the missing fields. Add the phone number you have not added before and confirm with the relevant number.

Note: Change your account to a business or a different type and then try to open a live broadcast again.

Change Your Password in Case of Account Problems

One of the steps that those who have problems with the account can try is to reset the password through the browser as if they have forgotten it. This will be a trigger mission. Then open the app and sign in with your new password.

Your account is not currently eligible to use this feature 2
Your account is not currently eligible to use this feature

Remove App's Cache, Data and Updates

Android users need to enter the Applications area and run the options within Instagram. After each option, the necessary check is made and the other option is applied.

For iPhone, take action from the application's own settings.

Your Instagram Account is Currently Not Eligible to Use This Feature: Device Control

If there is an error in the date setting of the phone, there may be problems both during connection and in the operation of the application. Apart from this, similar problems may have occurred with the device's own system updates.

Accessing Instagram Live Broadcast Settings

To access Instagram live broadcast settings, follow these steps:

  • From the application, tap the + sign in the bottom right corner of the home screen.
  • Then tap on the option related to “Live” that will appear at the bottom.
  • After moving to the relevant screen, you can access the live broadcast settings by tapping the gear sign at the top right.

Procedures for Instagram Live Broadcast

  • Using the Title and Description Section:In live broadcasts, the title and description need to be chosen carefully. Provide information that will explain the content in a way that will interest the audience.
  • Using Privacy Settings:Set the post's privacy settings. Try to make it public, specific people or just followers to appeal to your target audience.
  • Comment Controls:An option to control how comments appear on posts. This is done by selecting whether to block all viewers or specific people.
  • Camera and Audio Settings:The image and sound quality on the camera needs to be tested. Image and sound are important for a good broadcast.
  • Broadcast Duration and Regular Intervals:You can broadcast but if you are experiencing different problems, plan the duration regularly for broadcast quality. Broadcasting for a certain period of time or live broadcasts at regular intervals will affect the audience and the activity of the account.
  • Interaction Tools:Interact with your audience using the interaction tools offered by Instagram. You can increase interaction with your audience with tools such as question and answer features, surveys or live chat.

Post-Live Transactions

  • After your live broadcast is over, you can record the broadcast and save it in your profile. This makes it accessible for those who want to watch it later or those who missed it.
  • Review the statistics of your posts. Important statistics such as the number of viewers, comments and likes will be effective in evaluating the performance of broadcasts.
Your account is not currently eligible to use this feature 1
Your Instagram account is not currently eligible to use this feature

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