Unable to connect to Your Phone Companion Windows 10

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Your Phone Companion Link to Windows cannot be connected to Samsung Note 10. What is the 'We have detected an issue with your phone app that is causing connection issues' error?

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Samsung's Windows 10 phone application, featured with the Note 10, crashed towards the evening.

Samsung Your Phone Companion Link to became a prominent application on Galaxy Note 10 phones. With the application, the phone screen is mirrored on the computer. Normally, this is possible with other applications, but it seems functionally better.  

Microsoft's application "Link to Windows" has turned into a different experience with Samsung. This application, which is available on Note 10 and 10 Plus, has been reported to not work for hours. I wonder if it is systematic or has a study been done?

Unable to connect to Your Phone app

Note 10 users can manage their phones smoothly and easily from computers running Windows 10. But the "your phone cannot be connected" error that appeared yesterday disturbed the users. The fact that this application, which is not used very frequently, did not respond raised the question of whether it had crashed.

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A message saying 'We have detected an issue in your phone application that is causing connection problems' was encountered. A statement was made from Microsoft stating that a problem occurred. No time information was given as to when the error would be resolved.

Your Phone Companion application is used on Android 4.4 and higher versions.

Unable to connect to Your Phone Companion Windows 10

Your Phone Companion cannot connect, solution

The above is a general situation. In normal cases, it is recommended to follow the following order for those who receive such error messages.

  • Turning the device off and on
  • Trying on a different device
  • Checking the phone's date
  • Go to Applications, touch the relevant application and select the options to delete cache, disable and force stop.
  • If there are any updates, try uninstalling them (by entering from Applications)

Update Date: September 11, 2019, 21:33

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