YouTube freezes or pauses while watching videos

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Bilgisayardan, tabletten ve cep telefondan internette video izlerken donma oluyor ya da film izlediğimde sürekli donuyor diyenler için çözüm olacak şeyle paylaştık.

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Are you one of those who say that while watching movies on YouTube, it frequently freezes and you cannot watch it? If your answer is yes, let us state that the so-called chronic problem has been continuing for many years. It is recommended not to take action until the problem is fully analyzed and if something is done wrong you will be left with wasted time.

There may be many reasons for freezing problems, but to be sure, it should be tried from different devices and a different internet connection. We mostly discussed the situations we encountered. If you know any other suggestions for the YouTube freezes error while watching videos, we welcome you to write us.

Here are the things you will do for the first analysis:

  • Check your connection speed.
  • Device reboot will be an important option.
  • Changing your internet connection will bring you one step closer to the solution.

The internet used should be tested on more than one device and the following should be followed exactly depending on the situation.

YouTube freezes while watching videos

It will be useful to try the suggestions below and if you still have problems, you can call the recommendation number. However, in order to understand the problem clearly, you need to examine the examples we have given carefully.

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1- We have listed below the things that come to our mind when you have problems with your phone.

  • We can say that restarting the device is the biggest repair process for all instant problems.
  • Those who switch your connection from 3G to LTE and vice versa should apply the opposite. Of course, do not ignore WiFi.
  • System and applications running in the background may need to be stopped.
  • The phone's interface or Android update may have been updated and this may have caused the problem.
  • Formats with file sizes for which the hardware is insufficient may be challenging.
  • Viruses and unnecessary applications can waste the device's hardware.
  • The browser may need to be reset or reinstalled. (Safari / Chrome…)

2- Applications used in playback and site factor.

  • An external software you use uses excessive hardware.
  • Leaving the resolution on auto may cause it to shift to higher resolutions. We think 360p and 480p will be sufficient on mobile devices.
  • It may be beneficial to try alternative applications that help you watch videos.
  • This may be caused by the density of the sites used or the density of the server where the movie is hosted.
  • The site puts unnecessary strain on the device.
  • If there is an application you are using, it may have updated and install and test previous versions.

3- Internet problems and account related situations.

  • Lack of speed or infrastructure problems may need to be examined.
  • Port-related misconfiguration or misconfiguration of speed settings. (Infrastructure is inadequate, but there is no efficiency where high speed is given)
  • There may be multiple reasons such as insufficient modem, software problem and very old modem. (Reset and update the software depending on the situation)
  • Multiple devices and shared WiFi connections often reduce internet efficiency.

4- Computer hardware incompatibility, software and driver factor.

  • The hardware used in the PC used must be compatible with each other. Otherwise, high hardware works like low hardware computers.
  • Incompatibility or conflicts of the drivers used.
  • It has always been observed that current drivers are incompatible. (Try old versions)
  • Factors such as failure, insufficiency and overheating in the graphics card need to be examined.
  • Virus cases or errors in the operating system. (It is recommended to run system restore and reinstall if it does not solve the problem)
  • Programs you installed later can do this. (Can be removed and tested one by one)
  • Running the history clearing and reset feature in Google Chrome or whichever browser you prefer may work. (Also run the Clean PC option.
  • Check your browser extensions and remove the problematic ones from there.
deleting chrome history youtube
YouTube freezes or pauses while watching videos

YouTube freezes while watching movies

  • Turn the ADSL modem off and then on again. Do an internet speed test. Depending on the situation, call your internet provider.
  • Try it with a different internet browser on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Is the site sourced by watching videos from more than one site! Or analyze whether it is caused by you.
  • If there is a speed problem, have you tried watching the video by lowering the resolution?
  • Is it possible that your fair usage quota in your internet package has been exceeded? As you know, the speed will decrease considerably.
  • Have you checked how many people are using this connection where you have an internet connection?
  • Could others outside be using your internet via wireless connection? Change your wireless password!
  • There may be a temporary problem with the internet service of the place where you receive internet service. Or it could be planned work.
  • There may be an infrastructure problem with your internet provider in your location. It may be due to the switchboard being old or the cables being old.
  • If you are connecting to the internet wirelessly, try using a wired connection to the internet.
  • Are you experiencing freezing problems at certain times while watching videos? If this is the case, you may get this problem due to too much internet usage at those hours in your location. In other words, it is due to lack of infrastructure.
  • If freezing and pauses occur frequently, your internet speed may be a problem. The line or modem may not handle the high speed. You can call the place where you get internet (Türk Telekom, Superonline, Turknet, Doping or Vodafone) and try to reduce your speed.
  • There may be a problem with the port of your line at the internet provider. Port change may be required.
  • Some modems do not support the speed and may cause freezing while watching videos. Try a different modem.
  • If you experience color problems while watching videos, there may be a problem with the video card. Uninstall the video card driver and install a new updated version.

Freezes always occur due to internet speed or infrastructure problems. Sometimes, it is seen in port-related situations and it is necessary to call the call center from which you receive service to change the port.

Phone and app controls for YouTube video freezes

Kullanılan telefonun işletim sistemine göre uygulayacağınız adımlarda değişim olacaktır. Bu başlık altında başka başlıkta bulunacak. Önce iPhone video donma sorununa yanıt vereceğiz. Sonra Android video sorununda daha geniş anlatımı ekleyeceğiz.

In many problems, the first thing that comes to our mind is to restart the system. So open and close. Here again, after applying this, we clear the cache and data. This is one of our second or third recommended steps.

YouTube autoplay disable 2
YouTube pauses problem while watching videos

YouTube video problem on iPhone

One of the best ways to follow when iPhone freezes while watching videos is to test videos with different internet. There should also be this different video platform.

We see all operations to be performed as a trial in general. For example, we saw that network reset, which is also included in transfer and reset in the “General” section, provides a solution to problems on the internet side. Of course, we should also point out that the date of the device should not be wrong and it should need enough free space.

Freezing problem in Android video playback

Since there are many phones with this system, we will write about the relevant options in a title. There is a high probability of a change in the ranking of the relevant options. But the logic is the same. The situation is the same for tablets.

  • Go to the settings area where the applications are located.
  • Search for YouTube and enter it.
  • Try clearing the cache first.
  • Try the freezing issue.
  • Then start data and update removal.

Valid for the above date and find sufficient space.

Some of the steps to be taken when the TV freezes while watching a YouTube video are listed above. In short, it would be useful to say that some of the words in the content also concern Smart TV users.

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