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For most of those who experience the problem of YouTube stories not appearing or stories not appearing, the reasons are always the same. See why I can't look before trying something.

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There are not many people who say that they can't see YouTube stories or that they can't look at them. Generally, some of those who say do not have the necessary conditions or are channels that have been sanctioned. First of all, a test should be done regarding this situation and then the channel should be examined. Another process is to turn on and off some features and account-related options.

The Stories feature appeared like something out of social networks. In our opinion, this feature does not look very stylish on YouTube. At least he could stand out in a different field. We think that most users may not be aware of this feature. There could also be something different from social networks.

In order to use the innovation, the requirement of 10 thousand subscribers must be met. If it is insufficient and you are going to reach the number of subscribers illegally, we would like to warn you in advance. Generally, in such methods, there is a decrease in subscribers and when the purchase is noticed, the channel may be temporarily suspended or completely closed.

For those wondering how to look at stories, the order is as follows:

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  • Enter the relevant channel.
  • Tap the channel's logo.
  • You will see stories and if there is more than one story, you can look at it by touching left or right.

For those who want to report the stories, you can take the necessary steps by entering the other writer on the right side of the story. Complaints made unfairly and deliberately may later backfire. Among those who say that the story will be removed after how many people complain about it, this is more about justness and content than the number.

YouTube stories are not visible :

  1. If the new feature is enabled, give it some time and check it after a few hours.
  2. Close the stories and open them again.
  3. Check with a few accounts.
  4. Add a few more stories.
  5. Check if there is a problem with the content of the videos you publish.
  6. If the channel has received a warning or complaint, it may have received a block. Check out other features.
  7. Try to change a few features in your profile. In fact, if there is an error in spelling something in the channel description, it may mean that you are penalized.
  8. There may be a momentary problem or generally in some areas.
  9. If you have turned on live broadcasting, see if you can use that feature.
  10. If you think that an unfair sanction has been applied, please report the problem via the channel.

YouTube stories not opening , and they may be releasing a new version to solve the problem that causes this. These are one of the problems encountered in every application and need to be thoroughly investigated.

YouTube stories do not appear to appear

Temporary or permanent broadcast ban may be imposed in justified actions. Maybe they can help you if your application is deemed reasonable. But generally the fine can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual. No use may be allowed until the period expires.

Another important issue is that when a certain number of warnings are received on published content, the blockage gradually occurs. Channels that continue in this way can even go as far as partial bans or closures. We should point out that in recent years, YouTube has been very sensitive about this issue and no one looks the other way.

When you enter the channel's settings, enter the channel status and features in the accounts area. Then, check if there are copyrights in the field on the side. Companies pay great attention to these issues.

YouTube stories not showing

Update Date: October 18, 2020, 03:03

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